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  1. Dear Mr.Niko I sold you the 51 pontiac hope things are going well with it but seen your post im sure at 1st it sounded far fetched but that radiator has been recored at bill s radiator on 25th and van buren it cost me a pretty penny,thats why I said if you ever took the flathead out and went with a 350 motor you could sell it and ask $500 for it and get it, mr coker that responded is a good pontiac man as he kinda knows me as I sold him a pontiac purse holder that he was looking for ,20 years looking . Also not to many almost 65 year old radiators gonna be floating around especially here in phoenix that are still gonna be dependable and ready for the heat so its almost a must that you will have to have it recored out here. Also keep me updated on the progress of that car I d love to see it still, iam also looking for another 51 so if you take or sell stuff off the car let me know, thanks Mat Cordova
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