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  1. I've already dealt privately with a "wise guy" here and you don't even come close! Appreciate your concern.
  2. Thanks for you comprehensive reply. It is much appreciated. I just went through a long and very unpleasant discourse with another forum member over this car but lesson learned, we are probably on the lower end with this car. I'll try to get some pictures today and post. Thanks again
  3. Wellington, Ohio. A direct response to member roysboystoys in the previous response.
  4. THe car is located in Beulah, Mi. 49617. Looks like about 380 miles from Wellington.
  5. A very close friend of mine recently and very unexpectedly passed away leaving a multitude of collectible cars. His widow has asked me to help her liquidate some of these vehicles. I will be selling a fully restored 1924 Nash 691 Touring Sedan. I have no idea as to how to market this vehicle nor can I find a similar vehicle to help determine its value. I am asking for some help here and maybe a solid buyer. The car is in heated storage. I checked on it a few weeks ago and it is dusty, but started up instantly. I will have pictures, an inventory list of spares and documents, and more information shortly. If you, or anyone you know is interested, or can help me ascertain its value, please respond. This vehicle will be a super buy for someone. The owner would rather sell it than store it. Thanks
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