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  1. Marty, Thank you for the information which will help, this is going to be one of those ongoing conversations, Photos of the built in head liner could be useful when you get around to it, form the photo above you can tell it isn't an obvious rush, I'm have been a year trying to get other projects out of the way to just start it.
  2. One thing on the 34 after looking at your photos is the intake manifold on mine is painted green, I am sure it is correct since this is a 40K mile original car that has never been restored, I will get some photos of it, I am doing a cosmetic restoration of it only I lost the argument about leaving it as original as possible. I did convince him to not restore the wheels they have the original strip on them yet and he bought a second set of wheels and is having them powder coated and striped and saving the original wheels alone. Todd
  3. Marty, I got a valve from a gentleman building a street rod, he didn't know what he had but I cleaned it up put in the new diaphragm from the one I had and it worked perfectly, amazing how well the mechanical brakes work with the vac assist. Above are a few of my projects that I am working on in the third photo you can see the 37 roadmaster I need to start on. The roadmaster was taken apart by someone else a long time ago so I am having to put it back together before I can restore it to see what I have the biggest issue is the bolts which I am missing. Did you restore yours or was it done b
  4. It is a series 80 just like your except green, it has never been restored and has been sitting for thirty years semi torn apart, I am trying to finish up a 37 cabriolet that was purchased in michigan early this year, it was a ground up restoration but not roadworthy. I had to replace water pump and the exhaust manifolds last week with NOS manifolds and many small problems to sort out. My taste in cars generally goes to anything with four wheels but I spend most of my time on prewar buick and fords. I only own a 31 model A roadster and have sold off the rest of my cars and now help a friend
  5. That is a beautiful car and with the exception of the wire wheels the same as the car I am working on. I was interested in your Avatar I will begiing a restoration on a 37 four door convertible I hope soon and would like more information about your car when I start. I just figured out how to post a photo I can't from my tablet but can from my computer I will upload some photos later. Thanks
  6. If someone can tell me how I can post some photos
  7. We found a valve today now we think we will have is scanned and 3 d printed so we can cast some new ones if anybody is interested
  8. You are correct it is a vacuum assisted power brakes and they are mechanical not hydraulic. This car has never been restored or modified. Some one who has experience with this year will know all about them.
  9. I am working on a 34 with vacume brake booster, the vac valve has a break in it that can't be fixed and I am desperately looking for any help in trying to find a replacement or any solution to my problem. My email is todd@p-egd.com Thanks. Todd3131
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