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  1. Well finally got my car running smoothly with new oil change and bled my radiator juices from the block and cleaned it all up with new fluids. Was wondering about why on my 425 engine it has a black air cleaner filter? I thought most were orange colored filters. And my compression levels on my car are reading in high 90's to 110 compression levels which I think are good for 85000 miles. Also I learned that the A/c unit must come from a refrigerator cause it is freezing Cold when I turn it. Other than that does this particular car need the leaded alternative for gas due to the valves having ca
  2. And thanks you everyone for this knowledge, Im working my way up out of the 1930-50s cars into the more self reformed and beefed up cars. And always enjoy more better insight on engines and cars.
  3. Vin code for the door vin plate is (338676M38335Z) for the Cutlass and for the Delta 88 its 35867 6E151588 for the door number
  4. Here is the Vin on the crowl and engine/number
  5. The entire body of the cutlass has been bondo and what not from looking at it and the engine is a 400 with a holley 4 barrel. Pics soon to come on that. And vin plate.
  6. Im kinda new to the Oldsmobile cars and there styling, but end up pulling the rug on my 54 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe and traded for this car and a 66 Cutlass 442 convert (Parts Car) 400 engine with 4 barrel I have original interior in great shape no cracking, peeling still supple. The engine in the Delta is a 425 2 barrel and odometer reads 85000 never turned over from original owner. Just need to find a Top due to when they had it covered it, moisture from humidity sat in between the tarp and top dry rotting it. Glad the windows were crack a little. All in all a simple large car. With Power
  7. Well got the car running, lights working and most other parts. Once satisfied I pulled off the instrument panel to clean up the wiring. Well loan and behold another cluster of mess. My question is where does the with wire go from you defroster side? It was clipped off and only trace I found was on the windshield wiper motor wheres there is a connecter on the side. All the other wiring is A- Ok . Also Where can one find a 6 volt vibrator for the radio. I rebuilt mine and only lasted 4 days. But atleast I got some use out of it.
  8. For my 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe, I got the engine and everything working and all. But need to find a tranny cross member, radiator and drive shaft. The older gentlemen 60's-75 of age told me they used to take tractor radiators and insert them in the late 40's and 50's cars. But was trying to figure out would this have enough coolant for a 331 Hemi engine without over heating?
  9. Ok I have a mystery problem. I started off looking under the dash and one lead was unhook from the horn button and only connecter I found to attach to was to the Panel switch. Well got that working and had a sparky on the speedo cable and found this under neth. Could anyone tell me where this attaches to under the dash, I cant find and bare spots anyplace except a small arm thing on the steering column. And this where it leads in the engine compartment.
  10. Well got the original cloth wiring cleaned up and the 6 volt pos to ground and such done but tried it out and seem to playing ghost voltage with me. Does anyone have a 54 wiring diagram for these cars? Im using a 51 diagram and it helped some but not a a lot.
  11. The rubber on the back is all good and malleable/flexible and the ID stamp on the engine is C542-8-5319. I checked the whole engine over twice and cleaned it up. Just putting it the car now and will have pics soon. And I kinda had a feeling it was repainted.
  12. Well got the motor Monday.Over looked the engine and oil,tranny fluid and radiator fluid in the block all good.But found out some old timer fooled me on blocking off 2 of the barrels with a very old epoxy sleeve. Making me think it was a 2 barrel. But here is what she looks like
  13. The Top manifold was switched out to a 2 barrel possibly for better fuel efficiency.But my Car rear quarter panel has the Script of New Yorker Deluxe and this has more stainless trim than I ever seen on a normal car.Also don't have to worry about the brakes they were not to long ago redone,replaced and all new shoes put on.
  14. Just spoke with my friend who has the engine that was in originally in the car 331 with 2 barrel carb all original. And just doesn't have time for it now. So for nothing getting the engine back with tranny for the car on Monday. But tested out the car everything works from turn signals,lights low and high,radio which take 2 mins roughly to warm and the clock. The lighter work as well, and blower. So now have to wait to try my gauges, I know they light up bout it. But was wondering if anyone knew where I could find rear tail light lenses for my car? I search the web without avail and not paying
  15. Well have the crank shaft with tranny so my gut feeling about the 318 was correct about putting in here. But everything works on the brakes line side from the actuator pedal for main brakes to the rear hand brake lever, Just a simple engine placement and hopefully back up on the road, but knowing my luck on old cars there always bluffing when playing there game of poker lol
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