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  1. We'll clear a path and remove the fence and trees. It's a dogleg to get to it but not bad.
  2. Will try to get back there and get pics this week. 750 or best offer. Crome and glass are intact and in good shape.
  3. The 1960 Buick LeSabre my late mother won in 1959 is now on its axles in the side yard of her house. It kills me since my dad and I used to go hobby shopping on the weekends in this when I was little. It was put on blocks (wood) in approximately 1976, to keep my brother from driving it, and it never moved again. All the glass is intact, body has blemishes but no major damage, all original cone tail-lights, trim, engine, chrome, is there. The doors still close solid. Sadly, and for obvious reasons, the floorboards are gone, the upholstry rotted out. I can't say what the condition is of the seat springs, etc. I don't want it to go to the junker for scrap. We're in the process of selling the house and I really hope someone here in the Washington State/Oregon area can help me find Big Blue a new home. We're running out of time. Whomever gets her just needs to figure out how to get her out. We'll clear the fence and debris away. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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