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  1. I did a little more investigation per Ed's recommendations. It seemed I was getting intermittent power in the purple wire at the neutral switch and had good continuity across the neutral switch. This sent me back to the ignition switch so for $15 I decided to replace it. Not much cost, just some time. Unfortunately, I had to lower the steering column to get the screws out, but pretty simple after that. It turns out the old switch still worked, but was very "sticky". The slide was dragging and would not move all the way into the start position causing the intermittent starting. The new s
  2. OK, is there a way to check the neutral switch? Can I temporarily put a jumper across the purple wires? Also, you mention adjusting the neutral switch, and the service manual states the same thing, but never describes how to perform this task - any suggestions? And thanks for heading me in the correct direction!
  3. I have a 69 Riviera that is having a starting issue. It began as intermittent and now won't start at all. I have checked power at the starter solenoid and am getting power at the main cable (from battery) and at the accessory post (when key is in accessory position), but no power to the start post (when key is in the start position). I checked at the neutral switch and am only getting power to one of the purple wires, so this leads me to believe it is the ignition switch. I pulled the electrical connectors on the ignition switch and have power to the purple (red?) wire at both the black and wh
  4. Thanks for the great info! Now I need to find one! It is amazing how one just crumbled to dust and the other looks like new...
  5. I am looking for a passenger side kick panel for a 1969 Riviera. Does anyone have one (or a set) or know if they are interchangeable with other years or Buick models? There is a set of 66/67 listed Ebay now that look right (other than the carpet) but I am not completely sure. Mine has crumbled and disintegrated to dust. Drivers side looks like new - go figure... Not sure if this matters, but this is for an A/C car, I think it had the bump out to go over the vacuum operated fresh air door. Also, my carpet does not extend up on the kick panels.
  6. I am a new Riviera owner. I just inherited my grandfather-in-laws 1969 Riviera. I have been begging for it since I met my wife. He bought the car new and has had it since. It looks like it will be a case of "Be careful you may get what you wish for" situations as it is in worse shape that I thought. It has been sitting in his lake house garage for as long as I have known my wife (20+ years) and I believe the last time he had it running was 10+ years ago. Garage is un-heated and damp and it looks like the top end of the engine has "a bit" of rust due to condensation. I believe the engine
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