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  1. Diff ratio ??? My 1928 Chrysler is maybe a 30 MPH vehicle. What do other vintage car guys do to get them to manage 5PH or almost highway speed??
  2. Hi, i just read your post, and since you say you have many other parts, you may be able to ell me where i can get a right and left hand side roof rain gutter for a model 65, 1928 Chrysler? Im based in NZ so some contacts may not suit.
  3. Im restoring a Chrysler model 65. Looking for replacement rain gutter for when i am fitting a new roof vinyl. Much of the restoration is well underway, and just refitting doors, and pillars and soon on to roof rails etc. Basically i have a restored rolling chasie and now on to replacement of wood and some pannel work repair. My rain gutters have clearly been off and on a few times, as they are in really poor shape. who makes reproduction gutter? where can this be obtained. Im in New Zealand, so that may exclude some opportunities. Regards
  4. Today job on the project was to make the chassis mobile. Set up the brakes, adjusting the drum pads to the right spacing,fixed the oil pressure copper line by soldering in a joiner, completed the electrical, wiring up alternator, ammeter, ignition, new electric fan and water pump to digital controller, and set up a temporary plywood driving platform. Tomorrow is drive time.
  5. Hi. Sorry for the delay in reply. Inlet is on the left and outlet on the right as you look at the photo. I'm really pleased with this set up as it's working well. I was a bit concerned about having less or more back pressure than the original set up, but given the fittings size coming from the block is the original fitting, this is basically acting as an orifice plate and flows and pressure are standard.
  6. Thank you very much for your post. I had figured it was a model 60 as that is what the numbers on the FEDCO plate looked like to me. Great to now understand properly it is a model 65. I love this Forum. Very helpful. Yes I do have my engine number starting with a "P", and it did have a thin style radiator shell. I have the original radiator, but it is in appalling condition and needs a total new core. Very expensive replacement here in NZ, so for now I have fitted a $300.00 aluminium radiator into the old chrome radiator surround, so that I have a runner and will eventually get around to a re-core of the old radiator.
  7. Thank you for the compliment. I too can't wait to see it finished. It's taken two years to get this far.
  8. Oh I would love to be able to do that. Maybe next year I can talk my wife into a holiday ! Thank you nzcarnerd and 28 Chrysler. I have used your information to do a bit of further searching and believe I have found some on PreWarCar sight. Cheers
  9. A few more photos. I have set up a temporary fire wall so as to start and test run in a few days. I have yet to media blast and paint the exhaust manifold but it was successfully derided in a barrel of molasses over a 6 week soak. Last weekend was all about stripping and reconditioning the distributor. Yes i am in NZ in pukekohe, sth Auckland. You will notice I have done away with the water pump and plan to use an external electric one. I also added a pipe to increase cooling water distribution to rear cylinders and a new external oil filter set up. So not Fully restored original , but contains some more reliable mechanical changes.
  10. Back in the fourties when these were fairly common the cars usually only had one and it was mounted on the left rear fender. i just re read this. My front fenders have the mounting holes , not the rear.
  11. Hi. Yes. Both guards have the holes for cables and mount holes.
  12. OK, thanks guys for the reply. So I'm looking for a 1920's accessory ? Where does a guy begin such a search ?
  13. Well I dragged home a body, strapped to a chassis that had been dismantled 15 years earlier. "apparently" all the bits were there. And mostly this has proved to be true. I started with the mechanical aspects, and have managed to strip, clean, overhaul and rebuild the Chassis, springs, spring cups and rubbers, diff, gear box, engine, cooling system, spoke wheels, brakes and today nearly have a running chassis back together. Left to do is the steering wheel and re plumb the brake lines
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