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  1. Info here: www.automobile-catalog.com or www.zeroto60times.com may be helpful without risking any parts Bob
  2. Sounds like a bad connection somewhere from the battery. Positive or ground. I had a battery negative cable that had intermittent contact in the connector itself on the battery end. Would not turn the starter but lights etc would work. Bob
  3. The muffler bearings are cheap though................
  4. http://kalecoauto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13&products_id=51&zenid=uLCyjBlLsN2CHPws7oajo1
  5. Common leak point is the top/windshield interface on the door ends. Solution is to use foam tape to form a gasket. Bob
  6. 3/32 should be big enough to let the cleaner spigot enter. Put tape on the bit so you don't go deeper than 1/8 in. or so. Mid way between the terminals and paddle should do it. Use Deoxit 5 contact spray. Bob
  7. Did you try cleaning the switch first? Italian cars are famous for dirty contacts. Get some Deoxit 5 and spray the switch. It's expensive but worth it. Bob
  8. Has some of the hallmarks of a scam- I'd pass. Bob
  9. The dash mat my PO used was the carpet type and the heat deteriorated the backing which stuck to the leather and also wrinkled it. If I was to use anything it would be cotton, not plastic or synthetics which have the propensity to outgas potentially harmful (to the leather) chemicals. Leatherique is an excellent idea anyway. It will clean, moisten and preserve the leather even in the sun. I do some leather work and the material is available to redo the TC's leather. I have never done a whole dash but have done the part over the instruments and steering wheels. Bob
  10. The PO of my 89 SOHC car used a dashmat here in TX and it ruined the leather on the passenger side from whatever the backing material was.. I would treat with Leatherique, go matless and let the sun try to do it's best. Bob
  11. Show me the documented numbers of stopping distances by independent sources ( not manufactures or vendors) and I will be open to changing my mind. Bob
  12. Too bad you didn't read this article before doing your brakes- http://oppositelock.kinja.com/brake-myths-what-to-expect-when-youre-expecting-to-st-1688020147 Bob
  13. I would caution you to not get them too hot. Leather can be dried out with too much heat. I don't know if being coated with Leatherique and sealed in plastic would counter the drying effect. Inside a car in the sun the temperature could get as high as 155F. according to local news reports of pets being left in cars in the summer here (Texas). I would try to measure the "in bag" temp. Bob
  14. Leathertique is the best according to most people including the Ford museum and the Smithsonian. Good enough for me and besides it really works. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Expensive compared to other products but worth it. Bob
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