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  1. i have had this speedometer for a while and still don't know what its off of, i was thinking maybe a volkswagen but i havent found any that are the same style. any input is apprechiated.
  2. picked up a buckeye jack awhile ago and was wondering if anyone knew any information on it, like what period it would be from or if it would be specific to a certain car, any input is welcome thanks. the jack reads "Buckeye jack mfc co" "alliance 0" "no. 04" i now have photos of it.
  3. I didn't end up picking it up so I don't have the length but I might go back in the future for it , although I do know it wasn't gold plated
  4. anyone know what this piece is from, i was think around 49-50 ford, there are three colors in the center part only two of which i can make out ( blue and white, i assume the other would be red)
  5. yes thats it, thank you
  6. my friend found this and asked for help to identify it, i was think somewhere along the lines of a 1937 but was wondering what input you all have as to which model and or year.
  7. thanks you all for the input, and yes they are glass and i only have 1 of the rubbers for them
  8. i've had these lights for a while and never knew what they cam off of and was wondering if anyone here knew is it possible they are of a motorcycle?
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