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  1. Still searching for 1963 Chevrolet Nova hardtop quarter panels. Part numbers 4409685 & 4409684 thank you.
  2. More dies than one are producing these quarters I promise you.
  3. yes many people make them but do they fit well? Are you body lines right? Have you used them firsthand and like the product?
  4. Many shops can fab up a complete car. It's not cost effective to build a quarter from scratch when companies are stamping out the same part.
  5. I'm considering buying reproduction quarter panels for my nova since I can not find original parts. Does anybody know who makes a quality product?
  6. Minnesota area restoration and modification services. Labor rate $50/hrs. paint, fab, repair. Nothing is impossible. call 651 206 1876 email for more information
  7. Bump. Still looking. Part numbers 4409685 & 4409684
  8. I am looking for original factory quarter panels for my 1963 chevrolet nova 2 door hardtop. Any help is much appreciated. Please contact james @ 651 206 1876. Thanks for reading.