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  1. About 40 years ago, I imported to Scotland a 1913/14 Buick tourer with a big 4 cylinder engine. It was so long ago that I can’t find a photo or remember which model it was, but I do seem to think it was 1913.

    Anyway, to get to the point, to make it road legal I had to replace the original single rear light with a matched pair on non original lights that included brake lights.

    Here it is, with it's original bracket, available for someone to put back onto a touring car. I’m open to sensible offers and will post it, at cost, to anywhere world wide, from the United Kingdom..

    The glass is good and not broken and it is unrestored.



  2. Tom doesn't use this forum, his details are here, he is the 'go to' man for older spark plugs in England.


    Time difference is five hours behind Eastern Time. so if it is 5.30 pm with you, it is 11.30 pm over here.





    Tom Green

    The Green Spark Plug Co

    Main Ph: +44 (0) 1477 532 317

    Direct Ph: +44 (0) 1477 414781





  3. Do you still have the plugs? 


    I have just found this advert and got in touch with my friend, Tom Green who has a plug business specialising for our hobby, he has tried calling you, but the number didn't seem to work. 


    So, can you please email him on admin@gsparkplug.com and let him know if they are still for sale?


    All the best,



  4. It's a long while back, but I came over from Scotland and stayed with Alec and Imogene for a week, about 1987 while I bought a pile of junk from him. I too went to the sale, bought a $50 dollar VW for the hell of it, got it out of the top of the barn and put it back in the sale, result $5!


    Helped him move a safe, (very heavy) with logs as rollers across a dirt floor.


    The stories Ivan Saxton tells are much as I remember him telling me.


    He was a rogue and a crook, but I still relish having met him.


    At the sale I managed to get missing bits of my car from other vendors and eventually got it finished, a 1918 Bearcat.



  5. The Blue Brasier, about three postings back is the car that I had put together about 10 years ago.

    V8 Hisso from the USA, chain drive gearbox from Switzerland, all the rest, proper Brasier bits from 1908, ie chassis front axle and steering, plus brake levers and all minor bits from Australia and original radiator and instruments from France.

    It is a recreation of the 1904/5 Gordon Bennett Race cars, but with a later aero engine. Real hooligan fun, 100mph at 2,300 revs and I have driven it that fast.

    At the VSCC Goodwood Sprint in 2010(?) the next fastest car was built in 1932, a very hot Frazer Nash.

    I think your Chalmers is a fine car too. Mike

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