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  1. Dan, tonight was the first time that I put the car way up in the air on my new floor jack. It actually looks better than I thought. The passenger side braces are rotted out, but the driver side are there and appear solid. At least the sections I checked. Certainly nice enough to use as a template to form new ones. As I knew, the floors are rotted, as is the trunk floor. The frame is solid. I'll send you some pictures here shortly. There are 13 pics, so I'll break them up into a 2 or 3 emails.
  2. The original paint appears to have been diplomat blue. Why someone thought this yellow was better, I don't know. The left quarter panel is the worst part of the body. It had been repaired once and that repair has failed. And it has the typical rust along the bottom of the body. Otherwise it appears OK. The quarter panel fender lips appear to be the hardest part to repair. The underside needs braces, floor boards, trunk floor, etc. Frame looked ok during a very brief look. The underside is certainly where the work will be, though. The interior seat covers are hardened, and fronts are completely trashed. I saw aftermarket foam and covers are available. I hooked a battery up and saw that the window motors work, including the vent window motors. The power driver seat motor runs but doesn't move the seat. Some interior lights work. Original radio works, but speakers are trash. I have not tried to spin the engine over by hand at all, so I do not know if it is free. The transmission did shift freely into neutral to move the car. I'm going to get more pictures for a member here. If he is not interested after seeing them, I'll share them here, if only for conversation's sake.
  3. Heh, a coincidence. I post that, then he calls me. He is positive he has the title for it in a lock box. I asked what he wants to do, and he said he'd like to sell, he has no place to put the car. He think $600 would be a fair price. He wants to sell it for more than scrap price to prevent a scrapper from buying it just to scrap. Like me, he really hopes to find a buyer that could at least use the parts or find people that can. What do you guys think?
  4. A quick back story. This car belonged to my mother's cousin. He drove it daily for a long time before parking it in a garage in the 80s. That's where it sat until recently. The garage it was in, along with every property on that city block was purchased by the county to build a new jail. So he had to move. I asked about the car. He said if I promised to try getting it running, I could have it. But if I decided it was more than I was willing to take on, to let him know. He thinks the car is in much better shape than it is. He is emotionally attached, so it skews his vision a bit. He just doesn't want to see the car sent to the scrap yard. This is why I hope to sell it to someone that can use the parts, or perhaps is even ambitious to try fixing it up. I have no desire or time personally to part it out myself. Dan, I live 1/2 hour north of Green Bay. I will be talking to my mom's cousin this week to see what he wants to do with it. He says he has a clean title for the car, but I have not seen it just yet. I have no reason to doubt him. I just hope he has not misplaced it during the move. Monty, I pulled the car out of the garage with my truck, then had a local towing service bring it to my house on a roll-back. But my house was only about a mile away.
  5. Some of you may remember I found a '63 Riv in a garage. I posted some obscured pictures and you guys had your doubts. Turns out you knew what you were looking at. The frame is OK, but just about everything else is badly rusted. Body panels have had poor repairs done in the past. Floors, braces, trunk floor, even the firewall is rotted. The engine does not run, but I was told it did when it was parked 30 years ago. The interior is shot. It's a 401/Dynaflow car. But the car is mostly complete. Trim and emblems are still there, mostly in good shape. Good glass all around. Bumpers, grill, etc. Has a clean title. Scrap price is a few hundred bucks. Is this thing worth much more than that to anyone? I've had a few people ask if it is for sale. But I don't know what I would ask for it. While I don't think anyone would buy it to restore, they could at least get some good parts off it that are not made anymore, for their own project.
  6. Thanks for all the replies so far. As said it will depend on the mechanicals and chassis conditions on where I go with it. I'm not looking to do a restoration. Just have a cool old car. But it would need to be safe and reliable by the time I'm done. If the frame is rotting through, for example, that's a deal breaker. I'm fairly capable with a wrench in my hand. I maintain and repair our higher mileage daily drivers, and I work on my old motorcycles all the time. And since the car is free it might be a good "learner" project car if anything. Again, worst case scenario is I'm out no money, and guys like you all have another source for parts for you cars. Speaking of welding, I have some basic training from when I did my apprenticeship (I'm a steamfitter service technician), and I've been wanting to get a welder at home. The garage is already wired for one. I just haven't been able to justify one in the past. Especially in my wife's eyes since I keep bring home motorcycles.
  7. Heh. You can see how much air circulation there was around the car. None.
  8. I'm excited to see that all of the emblems and trim appears to be there. The body has a lot of surface rust that can be dealt with fairly easy by me, at least to keep it from getting worse. But that quarter panel has me nervous. I'm not a body man, and I can only speculate how many dollar signs a body shop owner will have in his eyes if I take it to him. I'm still not set on taking this on. It will depend on the condition of the rest of it. But you're certainly right, I can't beat the price tag. If I decide it isn't worth it, I'm out nothing but a little of my time. At at the very least there are a lot of parts on it that would be valuable to other Riviera owners. I can't help but think the conditions the car is sitting in make it look worse than it is, too.
  9. I recently introduced myself and told you about an old Riviera buried in a garage. I didn't have any pictures then. And the car is still in the garage, and still buried. But I did sneak in and get a couple snapshots of what you can see. Which leads me to a few questions. The current owner says it is a '63. I thought by the color that it was a '64. But the tail lights are certainly those of a '63. So what's up with the yellow paint? As far as I am aware it was not a color option for the '63 model year. The car must have been repainted. Do you think the original color is that which can be seen in the scuffs, especially on the right quarter panel? The left quarter panel appears to be the trouble spot for this car's body work. The dents have been filled with bondo, but there is solid metal beneath the bondo. There is a dent on the top of the quarter panel, too. And the fender well lip is rotted through. The right side quarter panel has none of this and appears quite solid, as does the rest of the car that can be seen. Eventually I will pull the car from the garage and I'll get a good solid look at it from all angles. It's hard to make any conclusions from these pictures, I get that completely. But I am curious, for you guys that have been around cars finds like this, what are your first impressions and thoughts based on the little you can see in these pictures? This will be the first in depth project car for me, should I choose to take it on.
  10. I didn't get to drive anything cool like most of you. For my drivers test I used my older sister's Pontiac 6000. I don't remember the model year, but it was somewhere around 1990. I got my license when I turned 16 in 1994.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm new here, obviously. My name is Sean, I live in Oconto, WI. I hope I won't bore you will this possibly slightly too long story. I'm normally not too long winded, but I think this story is neat. I hope you will welcome me to the forum, and eventually the Owners Association. When I was a little kid in the early 80s I remember seeing an old car in my mother's cousin's garage. Up until yesterday I could recall seeing the car, but had no idea what the car was. Fast forward about 30 years. The county is now claiming the entire city block that this garage is located on, under eminent domain, to build a new jail house. So my cousins need to move. While talking about this situation I casually asked about the old car. Turns out it is a 1st generation Riviera. The cousin says it is a 1963, but the color, light yellow (Sunburst Yellow?) was not a color available in 1963. But it does have the fake scoops on the quarter panels, so I suspect it is a 1964. I know it is easy to tell the difference, but right now the car is buried under stuff in a garage, and I could not see the whole thing. The cousin tells me the history of the car. It was bought new by a young man in 1963. That man was drafted and died in Vietnam. The car sat outside for many years after that. Eventually someone came along and bought the car in the late 60s or early 70s. But the man wanted it to put it in a demolition derby! So my mother's cousin stepped in and bought it from him, knowing it was far too nice for that. He drove it for a few years, and eventually life got in the way. He parked it in a garage, and there it sat for 30+ years, being used as a storage shelf by various renters of the home it was at. We went over and opened the garage door. The car was literally buried under a pile of everything. I could only see the rear half of the car, and open the passenger door about a foot to peak inside. Overall, for a 50 year old Wisconsin car it looks in OK shape. The body that I could see needs attention, but was not rotted through with rust everywhere. The exception being the left quarter panel. At some point in history, a man kicked the panel in, in several places. This was a jealous ex boyfriend or something like that. That area needs extensive work, as the dents were filled with bondo, and the wheel well lip has rotted through. The rest of the sheet metal seems in good shape. The interior needs attention, the seats are ripped and the carpet and panels are worn. But it's all there. As for the engine, all I know is that it ran well when he parked it. We've all heard that one before, but I have no reason to doubt him. I asked if he was interested in selling. He starts talking about how he always wanted to fix it up and get it on the road again. He planned to do it when he had the money. But you know how that goes. He's now pushing 70 and knows he'll never get to it. He thinks about for it a while. Then he tells me he will sell it to me. But he won't take money. The payment is me getting it back on the road so he can see it running and driving again. As long as I promise to try fixing it up and getting it on the road I can have it outright. The only thing he asks is if I decide it isn't worth fixing, that if I sell it or part it out, he'd like a share of the profits. I think it is a fair deal. I will have pictures and get a better look at the car to assess its condition within the next few weeks. They need to start clearing out the garage before we can get the car out. Being this car has a lot of sentimental value to my cousin, I am certainly going to try fixing it up. I don't know about doing a complete restoration, but I would like to make it a cool, good looking car that can be driven reliably. We'll see how it looks in a few weeks, to see if that is feasible. At the worst I would be out nothing, so it is worth a look. If I do go ahead with it, I'll be joining you guys. I have been lurking on the website and the knowledge here would be invaluable.