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  1. 1957 NOS 210 and Bel-Air 4-Door Hardtop Passenger Side Lower Rear Quarter Molding. This Molding is not labeled, but should be Part #4689251 and is 49 3/8 Inches Long. Impressive Condition with No Shelf Wear. Looks like new in '57. Pictures Available, $135, plus Shipping Expenses. Other '56-'57 4-Door HT Parts Available. Bill 540-297-1200
  2. I would say a little, but not that big of a difference. The value would be on the person needing it. Someone building an Early '62. Also, I wouldn't say that your block would be very early. If it was normal production an early date would be July or August.
  3. I'm not too up on anything older than '53, but I would say no. I believe the '53 and '54 Body Shells are by themselves.
  4. Still hauling in parts. Many truck loads since my last update.
  5. We are also lucky enough to have it around here at a few different places. Some at 89, some 90, some 91 Octane. I just bought some 90 yesterday at $2.99 per.
  6. Looks familiar. I've seen pictures of it somewhere before. Real nice truck. If the Rollback were to break down, the Wrecker could haul it home, lol.
  7. I ran into a Scammer once in Hemmings. He got my $25 Deposit, but that was it. The next step proved to me he was a Scammer. I reported him to Hemmings and his big fancy block ads dis-appeared soon after.
  8. By the way, since my first post, I did re-run another ad in HMN. Since the rules have changed, I just re-wrote another ad and dropped the Bold print to save some on the increase. Still want to be a customer as long as I can. Hope it can continue on to prosper.
  9. Evidently you need to be a paying subscriber to get full access of Hemmings.com. As a current non-subscriber, I am getting some online, but very little. Is this correct?
  10. Just to add a little more info, I still really like the publication and I agree it is still the best of the best out there in book form. I also like to have something to hold and not always have to rely on electricity to read something, whether it is a HMN or other. But as a small-time vendor, it has become too inefficient for me. If it would make my phone ring like it used to back in the 90's, I would gladly be a month to month advertiser as well as renewing my subscription, as long as it could be a reasonable part of my budget, like it used to be.
  11. I keep all my real old ones, but when I was a monthly subscriber, I also just saved two a year. Since I let my subscription run out, I just pick up about one a year now when I'm around some of the stores that still sell them.
  12. Every vehicle I have carries a Fire Extinguisher. Then some of the regular stuff too, lol.
  13. Hemmings Motor News just had a big price increase. My simple little monthly ad that I run now and then just jumped from $17 to $27. I told the receptionist "If you don't mind me saying so, that's going to hurt business". She didn't disagree. I was also telling her that the book used to be real thick and it has shrunk down through the years. And my phone doesn't even ring as much as it used to. Well anyway, I thought about it and told her that I still have some time till the dead line and to let me think about it. I then said "see, you are losing business already, lol". She was real nice about it all though and I thanked her.
  14. 62BillT

    '54 Hood

    '54 Bel-Air/210/150 Hood For Sale. Good Condition. In Primer. Pictures Available. Located in SW Virginia, $250. Other '53-'54 Parts Available. Bill 540-297-1200
  15. Complete Set of '54 2-Door Bel-Air Interior Door Panel and Rear Side Panel Trim, 16 Pieces Total, $150. Pictures Available. Other '53-'54 Parts Available. Bill 540-297-1200