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  1. I was cutting as many roots as I could without hitting any parts to the car. I did so much cutting with the chainsaw the blade is too dull to cut butter right now. I would like to get more out, like the frame and steering column but the tree has wrapped its roots through and around so much of it as well as the base of the tree absorbing quite a bit into itself I doubt I'd ever get much more out.
  2. Ok. Here are some of the pictures I took.
  3. Well, I got it dug up, at least what I could. When it was buried it seems to have been mostly complete. I had to dig down about 10 feet to get to all of what I could. The cowl and dash were still attached to the frame, which took some work to free. I had to remove the steering column to get the dash/cowl out. The frame is going to have to stay down in the ground due to the tree growing up in the motor compartment and taking hole of the frame. the clutch pedal and steering column are still sticking out the side of the tree. I wasn't able to recover the front fenders or motor either, due to the
  4. I don't know about fun, but I'm gonna make short work of it and use my skid steer, at least to get a good hole dug next to it and then I can use good ole manual labor to actually dig away at it. I have worried that I would waist time digging and end up with nothing more than what I can see now, but hell, what else do I have going on this weekend.
  5. Ha, nice try Rusty, not gonna bite the bait for that one. Heard that a few years back.
  6. I am hoping that the body isn't rusted away completely, so that I may be able to work some magic with it and build something. I was just sitting here and realized I forgot to upload the 1 picture I do have. Guess I'm off in lala land thinking about being at home working on digging it up rather than here at work.
  7. I was wondering around on my property last nigh and came across an old car that has been buried for 40+ years, at least I am assuming its been there that long as there is a tree about 15" or better across growing up from where the motor is. Anyways, all that is showing of it is a piece of the left front fender about 10" long and up out of the ground about 3 or 4 inches, as well as the dash. I took about 3 pictures of it but for some reason my phone only saved 1 picture. If anyone has any ideas of what make it is or year I would really appreciate it. I am planning on digging up the entire car,
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