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  1. Joern,' I happen to have the identical KX (Super Wildcat) wagon and also personally knew Ernie Coneen, the original owner. Please contact me personally at director@vehicles.org thanks' Daz
  2. Thanks. I did post a price. It is $45,999 or best offer WITHIN THE MONTH! More pics upon request.
  3. I can see you are in Massachusetts. Why can't others see my member info.? Also I uploaded as instructed and have FOUR jpg's on the oriiginal posting.
  4. I don't understand why I am getting so "beat up" . I DID follow the rules. If you read my posting, using a computer instead of a smart phone, you will see I DID POST ACTUAL PHOTOS as well. My price is posted in the legitimate link and the location is also. NOT MUCH MORE I CAN DO.
  5. My original post shows FOR SALE And my personal data shows location. See: For Sale 1940 GRAHAM Spirit of Motion 107 SUPERCHARGED Combination Coupe
  6. This car has been in our possession over 15 years. Original Supercharger still in place. It was driving at the time and has been stored ever since. COMPLETE and UNMOLESTED. Clear Title, ALWAYS A CALIFORNIA CAR, SINCE NEW. $45,999 is my idea of value, but open to sincere offers.