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  1. Aardvark doesn't list Dodge for the 1950 year....
  2. OK, I will look them up! Thanks!
  3. I'm ready to install new carpet in my 1950 Dodge... looking for a one piece molded carpet with backing.... Stock Interiors seems to cover that for around $500. Has anyone done business with them? Or, are there others out there that folks have had good luck with? Thanks! Greg
  4. OK... Spinneyhill... Looking at the chart that you provided a link for... I think that it says SAE 10W engine oil is the same viscosity as SAE 75 gear oil... Am I reading that correctly? The two oils could be considered interchangeable for use in a standard transmission? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks, guys!!! I had heard of the TDH oil... much easier to get!!! Looks like I'm good to go! Greg
  6. That was the crazy thing... another forum says 10W for the fluid drive and 90W for the transmission... but the service manual says 10W engine oil for both! Here's the statement...Standard 3-Speed Transmission - Use SAE 10-W engine oil, summer and winter. Yea,... the Amsoil link for 10W was hard to find! I stumbled on it... here is the link..... But they consider it to be transmission oil. Isn't the viscosity the same as long as they are both 10W? Or am I really off???? http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/transmission-fluid/manual/synthetic-powershift-transmission-fluid-sae-10w/
  7. Thanks! I did locate a 5 gallon pail of Amsoil synthetic 10W oil for $220 online. I'll check these out.
  8. What is the oil of choice out there for the manual transmission and fluid drive of the 1950 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth family? Thanks! Greg
  9. Wow! This is frustrating!! I just checked out Trim Parts... They only go back to 1957 with Dodge!!! Stock interiors shows this entry: Dodge All Models (35-56) Cut and Sewn Carpet 6732 '35-'56 Cut and Sewn Carpet $164.95 Anyone ever done business with them??? I should give them a call and see what they actually have... Greg
  10. I have already checked out Auto Custom Carpets.... they only cover Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and Volkswagon... I'm afraid that I have a 1950 Dodge, so they can't help me.... Greg
  11. Can anyone recommend a good carpet company. I had found one somewhere that was one piece and cost almost $500. Can't remember who that was. And found a couple that advertised cut and sewn carpet to fit my car. Who does everyone out there do business with??? Thanks! Greg New Hampshire
  12. WOW! I had my doubts.. but that worked slick! The washer molded perfectly to the gap between the backer plate and the brake cylinder! Thanks again!
  13. Who has installed the wide NOS copper washers on their car? These are the kind that press agains the backer plate to provide dust protection as you tighten them against the front brake cylinder. Any tips on installing these things? They are MOPAR #1123332 (See pictures) Thanks! Greg
  14. Thanks! I do have an oil extractor. I'll go that way.
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