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  1. Jd 63

    360 hp 455

    Wow I have received so much good information I’ve been thinking on what to do with my 455 Pontiac and here’s what I’ve come up with take my 455 put a high volume oil pump on it change the 15 heads out to a 6x heads which a friend has ready to go and put a rev limiter on the car set at 4600 the rest of the engine would be stock, im not taking this to the track to race a quarter mile just wanting a fun 81 trans am evening cruiser I can do this economical or I can sell it and build up a 400 that I also have which would cost more to do,
  2. Jd 63

    360 hp 455

    The olds and Buick 455 were mentioned how do they compare to the 455 Pontiac
  3. Jd 63

    360 hp 455

    Thankyou so much for all the info
  4. Jd 63

    360 hp 455

    Nice car. Thankyou very much for the info it was very helpful
  5. I have this old 455 motor in my uncles bonneville it’s a yh block with 15 heads on it is it worth pulling and putting in a trans am or would a 400 be the better choice
  6. Thankyou for the info. What model 442 would this have been sold as a w30 or 31 or neither
  7. I have a 69 442 and need help decoding my data tag Thanks for your help Bruce
  8. what were you looking for exactly one to hot rod or one to restore
  9. Did you find one I have one in alberta parts car
  10. It's about a 3/10 drive train complete less rad and grill. It's in alberta whats it worth Approx thanks
  11. It's for sale has a auto motor and auto have been rebuilt also a 55 champion 4 door 6 cyl
  12. what kind of money are they worth I have been told they are rare this car is mostly complete restorable but rough 3 outa 10
  13. I have one that could be fixed or for parts what are they worth its a 3 out of 10 I think