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  1. I've been dealing with a yard in WI called Elmer's Auto Salvage regarding some parts for my coupe. They have a very rough convertible. I inquired as to the convertible parts: top bows, quarter panel tops, locks, rear windows, rear seat, etc... everything to convert a coupe. Not for me, but figured there may be someone interested. They said all the parts can be had for $1000. Their number is 1-800-362-5004 Regards
  2. Josh, I've been emailing to a yard in WI, Elmer's auto salvage, regarding some parts I was looking for. I remembered you were looking for license plate light bezels. They have a pair for $20. A bit rough, but maybe useable? see pic. Their number is 1-800-362-5004 Hope this helps. Dan
  3. Has anyone ever seen this accessory in person? If you look at the salesmen's brochure under accessories, it shows a dual rear defroster. I've attached an image that shows it. However, in searching around, I have never seen this on these cars. It would only be an accessory available on cars without A/C. It would be similar to this kit selling on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-1952-1953-1954-1955-Lincoln-DUAL-REAR-DEFROSTER-KIT-1955-1956-Ford-Mercury-/321893110527?vxp=mtr At first, I thought this might be it, but the vent grilles look to be a different shape, not like the ones in the brochure. I've seen this on other cars, but never the 57 Lincoln. The brochure says they are controlled from the instrument panel, I'd like to know where it would be located. The switch would probably look similar to the one on ebay.
  4. Josh, I talked the gentleman with the parts car I mentioned. He has already sold off the rear bumper. Sorry.
  5. Sometimes you see the whole assembly for sale on ebay. I haven't seen anyone who makes reproductions. Only for the lens. Sometimes for parts, I've looked on craigslist for someone selling a parts car and then have contacted them about buying just certain parts. I know of one gentleman in Oregon who I contacted regarding a parts car he was selling. He did not have what I needed, but I was going to call him again soon. I'll inquire about the license plate bezels and see if he still has those. Are you looking for anything else? Depending on what else you need, it may make sense to get a parts car? This was just on ebay and sold for $500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Lincoln-2-door-hardtop-/111736714061?hash=item1a0406f34d&vxp=mtr This Landau is for sale on craigslist for way too much, but maybe he'll sell you the bezels. http://hartford.craigslist.org/cto/5214401626.html What model Premiere do you have? I have a coupe in Horizon Blue with a Starmist White top. Best of Luck in your search. Regards, Dan
  6. That's a shame. What do you mean 27 of them? Did he have more? I had emailed that email address he listed some time ago (still a while after he posted) but never heard back. Then going through the forums, I found this one again.
  7. mark, whatever happened to these cars?
  8. started to take more parts off the car and examine condition. I may also need the trim on the front of the hood and the two curved trim pieces on the front sides of the hood.
  9. Tex, Thanks. I actually saw the posts about your car. When I got mine I started looking up information online and your one thread is in the top 20 google results. Actually, it was what lead me to the AACA forum. Mine is way not as nice as that one, the original owner parked it in 1978 and there it sat until about a year ago when the 2nd owner bought it from him or his estate. He did some motor work to get running, but there's no way I would do that, the gas pedal is broken off at the base, and the brakes technically work. The frame looks okay, at least to my untrained eye, but the bottom of the body is really rusted, the rockers are bad, the floor pans are bad, and the channels that run under the floor and connect to the rockers are bad. The trunk floor is solid though, even the spare wheel area is solid, go figure. I know I won't make any money from this car, it's just something to work on, learn on (like how to weld), and have fun with. I don't want to make it a show car or need to keep it all original. I just want a nice cruiser I can drive the family to get ice cream on a nice summer day. My son is now 2 and I'd like him to be able to drive the car when he gets his license and to help me work on it as he gets older, so not a huge rush. This is the first classic car I've bought.
  10. I am restoring a 57 premiere coupe. If you have a 56 or 57 Lincoln that you are parting or could part, please let me know. Some of the parts I need: All headliner chrome trim, above doors, courtesy lights, rear sail panel and above rear window. Visor latches rear view mirror in good shape, mine is okay, but the glass is separated. Drivers door Remote Driver's side mirror Antenna base front windshield lower chrome trim pieces by wipers, the pieces with two screws in them. Inside door handle retaining spring and chrome ring that goes between handle and spring. Also clip to hold handle. That's what's missing, things I might replace instead of fix: Front bumper if okay driver condition. Mine probably wouldn't need replating, but has pulls and is really bent drivers side. Front parking light surround drivers side. Rear bumper, if okay driver condition. The floors and rockers are really rusty, not sure yet path to take, there are some replacement panels available from a company called classic2current, but the floor under the bench seat and under the rear seat is rusted too and they don't make panels for that area. Thanks.