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  1. So, he's in Tennessee....both TCs are in Clearwater....but, he sold his place in Florida....who has the cars??? May be legit, since he gave a phone number to call. That will probably be the best way to find out for certain.
  2. A great and handy set of pics for future referance! BTW....I have the real spiders here!!!!
  3. NICE!!! It's got me thinking what color would accent the Exotic Red on my 89!!
  4. I just found this blue TC on ebay yesterday. The VIN is 200292. I have it on my "watch list". Seems to be a fairly sharp car!
  5. Driving home yesterday, my boss slides up beside me in a CTS Caddy. I punched the little 8v turbo, hit passing gear and jumped out in front. Then, the engine just seemed to level off and quit climbing. That's when he fly by me. After I backed off, the check engine light came back on. (Code, once again, is a "13".) When I stopped at the gas station a couple miles down the road, I could smell that foul odor that a catalytic converter puts out. This morning, headed back to work, I tried it again, and reached 90mph before I got a mile away. (Hadda back off because a big curve was coming up.) These
  6. I suspected so. That was a common trick back in the real old days to check an alternator, I think. I don't have to worry about the clock or radio, as neither of those work at the moment! haha
  7. Man, you have a good memory!! lol All this makes great sense to me. Do I take the negative cable loose with the car running, or not?
  8. Drove the TC to town and back....about 10 miles, round trip. It ran great, but seemed a bit more sluggish on take off. Maybe a new Fuel Pressure Regulator will stop that?
  9. I have a problem with the right headlight housing. It seems to be holding water. Can I take this housing apart and reseal it to stop this problem?
  10. A word of caution.....when messing with the top and the pull-down mechanism, but sure and DON'T have your fingers under the back edge of the top when you hit the button to pull it down!!! (Quite sadly...words of experience, here!!)
  11. Glad I found this post, as it seems my TC is suffering from the same symptoms.
  12. The only other Chrysler turbo I have owned was a 1986 LeBaron GTS hatchback. I owned it in 1989, so it was still "new". This TC is my first venture with an "old" turbo car, and I'm having fun with it. Learning stuff can be fun with a car that is not depended on for daily commuting to and from work. You guys are helping me not get frustrated, along with my local mechanic, from whom this came was purchased in the first place!
  13. When I get to the point of changing the fuel pressure regulator, what needs to be done prior to disconnecting the fuel line?
  14. This chart looks really nice! The layout is easy to understand and has just the right info. It's great to see something I own listed in a data base! Thanks for all your trouble. The only other ride I have listed anywhere is my '68 Imperial Crown convertible. It's on the owner's registry on the Online Imperial Club. MOPARS RULE!!!!!!!
  15. The latest......... The vacuum line from the manifold to the barometer solenoid was not hooked up on the solenoid. I checked it with the engine running and had good vacuum. The problem was that the hose was about three inches too short. The TC ran great for a month with it like that! I got a coupling and some more vacuum hose and hooked it up to the barometer solenoid and it's like "business as usual"!!! The one thing I noticed was a gasoline smell in that vacuum line. Is that going to be a problem in the future? P.S. I really appreciate all the help and feedback I'm getting on this forum! Ver
  16. Unusual, to say the least! Not sure I like the add-ons, but the wheels are a nice touch.
  17. Okay, thanks! I pulled the vacuum line off and didn't feel any vacuum on it. It's a little "S" shaped hose hooked to another component near the MAP sensor.
  18. Is the MAP sensor mounted on the front of the passenger side shock tower?
  19. I don't know if the LeBaron wheels will fit the TC, but I do know that the wheels from the Chrysler LHS will not fit a '95 LeBaron. I tried that and it wouldn't do. Research, and trial and error might tend to come into play here.
  20. Thanks, one and all for the hints and tips. This weekend I shall endeavor to check these various things out, as I already miss driving this little jewel!!
  21. The only code I get is a "13". Haven't had a chance to chase down the vacuum lines.
  22. It all bears checking out, but the Hall effect plate, fuel filter, and fuel pump are new. Don't know about the pressure regulator. What kinda vacuum leak would cause it to do this jumping?
  23. Check out the following thread. Pretty cool stuff!! http://forums.aaca.org/f144/tell-me-what-ya-think-368542.html
  24. Sunday, the TC ran fine. This morning I started it and it sounded like a fan belt was loose...a lot of loud squealing. It soon stopped, and I pulled out of the driveway. It did alright up to 15 MPH, then started jumping like it was trying to shut down. When I stop the car, it idles good. When I try to drive it again, it does this "buck-jumping" stuff. My engine is the 8 valve turbo II. Any ideas out there?
  25. I was fortunate enough to acquire a TC that has perfect black lettering on the deck lid. What can I do to help keep it that way?
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