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  1. I would agree that those days may not be as numerous as they were before but I know they aren't over for good. For example when I was looking through the Scott and Son's yard last month to gather details and VIN numbers on cars I was walked by some outbuildings and in one of those buildings... I could make out just part of the front grill of a car buried under a bunch of other stuff and at fist glance I was fairly certain that it was a Rolls Royce grill ...then upon further inspection as I managed to slowly wade through an ocean of other stuff and unburied it from the clutter what I found inst
  2. The transporting of these cars started yesterday and once they arrive they will be cleaned up (substantially) and then photographed and put up on the Eugene Copart's sales list under the "future offerings" so you will be able to start viewing these cars by Thursday afternoon and they will be added to at the rate of 5-10 per day until the first sale date which is the 21st at noon. As soon as the vehicles appear you can prebid them and some o the units will have buy it now options. Finally if there is something you really are interested in then feel free to call or email any requests for additio
  3. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Copart Auction's Classic Car dept will be auctioning off all of the cars, equipment, parts, 100's and 100's of hub caps and basically the accumulation of a lifetime or two of the contents of the Scott and Son's Towing and Garage Yard starting on the 21st of October at Noon (through their Eugene Auction and Yard)... These cars have been cleaned up and will be available for previewing starting almost immediately this week. There are ov
  4. I would recommend being on the buying end of one of those experiences and not the selling end ...obviously not all cars sold are for pennies on the dollar take for instance this 1995 Ferrari F50 that sold last year for almost $500,000.00 on in one of Coparts auctions....http://www.autospies.com/news/A-VERY-Rare-And-VERY-Crashed-Ferrari-F50-Gets-Snapped-Up-For-An-UNBELIEVABLE-Sum-Of-78723/ My point being that you never know who or what you will find there and the seller fees are so low that you can quickly find out what the rest of the world thinks your car is worth for under $150.00 if n
  5. NO KIDDING I was really amazed at the variety of Classic cars they auction for penny's on the dollar each week . Coparts biggest challenge is to overcome their own branding issues which has planted into everyone'd head that Copart is only a salvage auction, and people, I am here to tell you that almost 1/2 of their cars have clean titles and in others it is well over 50% Give them a look because YOU will be putting the car you are selling in front of 10's of thousands of people in over 160 countries... don't believe it? Go here.... 64 Impala 76 Ford Torino 65 El Camino 48 Dodge Custom 54 Chev
  6. Both of these cars are clean title vehicles with just normal wear and care. Both Tops on both cars ..well cared for... I was just on their website (www dot Copart dot com) and they had lots and lots of nice clean title classic cars they were auctioning every week. They even have a separate section for Classics. Yes they have a bunch of parts and salvage cars their too but a majority of the classics were clean title really nice cars. Both of the Chryslerati's have clean titles and <o:p> </o:p> Here is another example ...a 48 Dodge Custom that looked really nice and if the pre b
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