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  1. What I have is a restored 67 Camaro SS350. It has been restored to original condition. It is a one owner. In the restoration a front and rear spoiler was added. These were not available from the factory but we're available at the dealers. A set of Rally rims were also added. These also were only for cars with disc brakes but could be bought and installed at the dealer. Now I have plans to install disc brakes that will match the original disc brakes offerd as an option for this car by the factory. The only other non stock items is a Vintage air system and a Retrosound radio that looks like the original. With that said. How many points would I be deducted from my car that is in very nice condition.
  2. When a car is judge to AACA standards, what is the most points it can have? If a car has all the correct features it was born with, matching numbers and date coded parts and has been restored but showing some road rash, how would it compare with a pristine trailer queen of the same make and model?
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