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  1. Anytime! Woodstock here. I'm hoping to have the old girl back on the road by next summer .
  2. I'm using a machine shop in Acworth. I'll post their details if they do a good job. I'm expecting the engine to be finished around the end of November. I decided to convert the front brakes to disk for my own peace of mind. There really isn't any other reason.
  3. My rebuilt shocks are back! Time to start getting the frame back together!
  4. The engine has been delivered to the machine shop! The shop will be completely rebuilding the motor, mounting the rebuilt transmission, and painting both together. I've decided to go with the correct turquoise blue, even though my engine seems to have been painted pale green - more like a 54' Buick V8. I'm not sure why or when it was painted green. Was it common for 51's to have different engine colors from the factory? It will probably be close to Thanksgiving, if not after, before it's all done.
  5. Disaster struck today. The hood was being stored outside (as it has been for weeks) and the wind blew it over! The emblem broke against the concrete and left a nasty dent in the hood. Does anyone have a spare 51' hood ornament lying around?
  6. She's ready for the machine shop. Drop off Monday!
  7. He was referred to me by the shop that rebuilt the Buick's radio. I probably wouldn't have found him otherwise.
  8. Will do! I'm still a ways off from rebuilding the dash but it'll come. I have the "before" photos around here somewhere. I'll post them when I figure out what I've done with them.
  9. Haha! This is probably the first time that Flavor Flav has been mentioned on any classic Buick forum.
  10. My rebuilt gauges arrived in the mail today!!! The work was done by Seattle Speedometer. I highly recommend contacting them if you're looking to have yours done.
  11. I'll continue to play around with them and see what can be done. I hate replacing parts that can be saved. In other news, I've sent the shocks off to be rebuilt and it isn't going to be cheap. I went with Kanter in NJ and am looking at ~$1,200! The Dynaflow is also being rebuilt as I type this - cheaper than the shocks. I drop the engine off at the machine shop Saturday to be rebuilt. I decided not to tackle it myself due to space and the difficulty of moving the dern thing around. I've placed an order with Wilwood for the front disc brake conversion kit and have everything else needed to complete the frame, suspension, brakes, and fuel system. I'm just waiting on the shocks to come back before putting it all together. After the frame is back together, the engine and transmission will be painted and mounted to the frame. I'll start on the cab (which is currently sitting outside) after the drivetrain is complete.
  12. Here's what I did: 1. Use garden hose and compressed air to ensure lines clear. 2. Use funnel and heavy rubber gloves. Pour sulfuric acid through the lines. Let sit 20 min. 3. Flush lines with hose, dry with compressed air. 4. Use brake parts cleaner to free stuck screw ends. 5. Use vice to hold lines. Clean with grinder wire wheel. Be sure to wear a leather apron and use eye protection! 6. Use black marker to mark problem areas (excessive pitting, holes, etc.) For later review / repair. Use the nastiest drain cleaner you can find. Sulfuric acid will be a prime ingredient. Harbor Freight is the place to buy your grinder, apron, gloves, and wire wheels. Cheap, cheap!
  13. A few photos of the work in progress: