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  1. Thank you everyone for the advise. The best thing I did so far was drive it around and find quotes and prices for the car and what really needs to be done. As far a progress I have taken everything out of the car, but can still run and drive around. I realize that there are 4 rust blisters in the normal areas like around the bottom of the door. As far as paint I realize that It is better for one shop to do everything so if I mess sonthing up it won't cost more. Also I found interior kits that include fome and all that my mother can put together no problem. However for the headliner and carpet i will go to a professional. To pass time to save money for paint and body I will be restoring the old rim blow steering wheel and front grill. Also tough up and salvage chrome because it is surprisingly expensive. Overall I know this process more realistically and pace myself over the next two years. Thanks for the help thus far.
  2. I do want to change the interior, paint, suspension, exhaust, and wheels. Other than that just add some modern touches that are simple and easy like LED lights, Electronic headlight door kit, and anything else that improves performance. Here is what I want the paint to look like. Not so much with the wheels in the image.
  3. Do you recommend chemical paint strippers? there are a lot of flat surfaces on the car to get most of the paint of then there is a media blasting place up the road where I might be able to rent a spot to reach the little areas. Or should I buy a sandblaster? If so what setup and equipment do you have? I do have to weld some things to make the body more ridged and to install some parts such as a monte carlo bar for the engine bay. Luckily there are welding programs at my school where this should be very cheap and effective. I work in 3D modeling so they have done metal work for me before. If I want to paint the engine or frame of the car should I go with the cheaper spay can alternatives at eastwood? They claim that the engine paint holds up in temps and the frame paint is durable and rust preventative. Also for interior there are kits for vinyl seats and headliners. Would it be wise for me to buy these kits and pay an upholster to install them? To do the entire interior and trunk would be 6,000.
  4. Me and my father drove around the state looking at shops and I totally agree with underestimating the pricing. We threw out the idea of disk breaks and total chrome. Didn't realize that good brakes are 5K. There are 6 pieces that need to be chromed including the bumpers and front grille trim. Also do you recommend going the more expensive route with the chrome to last longer? I will buy a buffing wheel and polish to fix up the rest of the chrome. We moved our total budget to 30,000 total. We bought the Cougar running and driving with no rust or repairs needed with engine, trans, ect, and everything with that checks out. How much would it cost to do a two tone paint job (Black and silver) including all body work? is it a good idea to media blast the car with walnut shells to save money or is that something that if done incorrectly will set me back further in price for the shop? Also we accounted the shop hours and our preference suspension kit was 1,000 and to get a shop to install it, it will cost another $850-$1000 in labor. We have spread out the time to 2 years (my senor year) to get everything done without mortgaging the house. Is there any cheap alternatives that I could do to save money? Thanks .
  5. I have recently purchased a 1969 cougar and want to do my first total restoration. Everything on the car is working and operating but I want to modernize it. I plan on doing a complete frame off restoration but I never had done anything with cars and honestly have little clue what order to do things and when to do it. I want to replace the entire suspension, rebuild the engine/ Transmission, four wheel disk brakes, paint the body and frame, replace the chrome, replace the interior, and any other parts. I want to do the most on my own to save money but need advice on what to do first. At this point in the restoration I have everything out of the car except functional parts (it can run and drive). My budget for the entire project is about $17,000. I believe my next step is to remove the engine and everything else from the car, and get the chrome done and rebuild the engine and trans. While that is getting worked on then take the body off the frame and sandblast and paint the frame. Then buy a full performance suspension kit and take it to a local shot to put together. Any tips and advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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