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  1. Jim Merrick of the Stanley Museum has just noted: "The name plate and the pressure gauge are both clearly marked "Locomobile" which did not become the company's official tradename until July 1899. Thus if this car was made and sold in 1898, those two items are not original to the car." I do not have any numbers from the engine or elsewhere to check against as yet.
  2. Thanks, Rusty!. The cars you mention are not running and unrestored. I am referring to an item like George Pattinson's steam launch Dolly which was running on its original hull, boiler and engine, despite having been submerged for a century, when I spent the afternoon on it in in 1971. It is no longer unrestored, however. The De Deon Bouton was older and really extensively restored several times. There are many museum pieces which are older but not running. My European contacts have not come up with anything yet.
  3. I edit and publish the Steam Automobile Bulletin. We have been asked about this car, but we are not the last word in automotive history. The car is well documented. It was the first car in Stillwater, Minnesota, maintained but not ever restored, etc. It runs fine. The second owner (since 1930) maintained the car and drove it frequently. His wife put a ramp so it could be kept in the front parlor in the winter. The son-in-law has phoned and written and we will be publishing a two page photo article in a week or so.
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