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  1. Brakes dragging? Timing retarded? I stuck talk to the Aussies that are in the Oakland car register of Australia. Happy motoring form New Zealand
  2. Hi George, I have got one of those too down here in New Zealand. Do you know what cars they are compatable with? Its been sujested maxwell. There must be others? Im referring to the differential. Regards Brendon
  3. Thanks for your help. Ive spent some time googling images , but what I really need is a picture of the back of the drivers seat to confirm if the panel went all the way to the floor, or if it steped back in to form a toe space and how the seat merges along the top of the body. I can probably figure it out by looking at similar cars of the era , but would be nice to know its 100% correct. Ive lost contact with my Krit owner friend in Ireland . Does anyone know where the unrestored tourer that sold recently in the USA went?
  4. Does anyone have , or know of someone who has an original Krit tourer? I need two or three photos of the front seat detail of the coachwork. Happy to pay for expenses .:confused:
  5. Hi Steve, Im very keen to talk. Are you willing to sell individual parts? If so Ill send you a list. Regards Brendon
  6. Hi Mark, Looking for the torque tube. Any condition. Would be happy with just a cut off rear end of a torque tube.I also need a brake band and mechanisum that fits inside the brake drum on one side of the rear end.
  7. Im looking for a driveshaft housing to use on my 1912 krit project. Buick model 10, and possibly others, have the same casting that bolts to the rear axle housings. Will be happy if I can just obtain the part of the driveshaft housing with that casting attached. Also looking for the internal brake band and linkages for one side of the diff. 9 and a half inch diameter.Will try and attach a photo soon. Any help appreciated.
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