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  1. I knew there had to be a major update, my email was blowing up! What an amazing display of engineering and artistic capability, Roger, this model is simply jaw-dropping!
  2. Unfortunately, with a metallic paint and a standard airbrush pattern you would end up with tiger stripes down the length of a 1/12 scale model. To get good coverage and a proper pattern you would need a full-size touch-up gun like this Iwata RG3 that I use on 1/12 scale projects. These require more pressure and volume than a standard airbrush compressor so I also use a Silentaire DR500 to make it work. Without investing in these it would be best to use the spray cans..
  3. After getting 8 post notices within a couple of hours I suspected their might be some color being applied! Looking spectacular and I can't wait to see it in full color! Speaking of color, those look awesome in Desert Rose!
  4. Oh, I hear you! Not being a machinist I have to farm-out my stuff and the medical micro-machining companies do not like to mess with small volume model parts and often blew me off when I'd call. Same thing with photo-etching companies, I went through dozens but the good ones have large volume work with electronics companies so getting a few sheets done takes determination!
  5. Roger, You continue to amaze, outstanding work! I ordered and tried the solder paste you recommended, It didn't seem to flow well with a butane torch or with my 250W resistance soldering machine. What do you use to heat it? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much for the information! Based on your reply I got some of the Hildebrand solder, that's some pricey stuff but I already tried it on a joint and was thrilled with the result even using a resistance soldering machine! Another question for you, how do you clean and seal the brass for painting? Thanks again for letting us all "look over your shoulder" and answering my questions!
  7. Hi Roger!! I'm a huge fan of your work and have been following this build thread for some time, I just haven't posted as to minimize the non-build posts. You never cease to amaze me with your skills and I have learned much while following it. May I ask, which of the Hilderbrand solders do you use?