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  1. I don't know if the OP would be interested, but, over on the HAMB in the classified section there is a '49 to '50 (I can't remember the exact year) Packard for sale for under $2,000. It needs engine work but the body still looks pretty solid.
  2. If you can't afford to rebuild the straight 8 I would suggest selling the car because you are just destroying it by dropping in a chevy drivetrain.
  3. I am a mopar guy that is new to the forward look cars and I was just curious as to what kind of prices cars equipped with the 'cross ram' or 'ram tuned' induction or 'sonoramic' or any of the other million names chrysler had for this set up go for. I know that these cars are rare as forward look era mopars are but I would just like to know if if it is possible for the average car guy to own a car with this setup or if you have to be pulling down barrett jackson money to afford one.The link below better describes what I am talking about.​
  4. I have a nonrunning imperial that I need transported from nogales arizona to st.paul, minnesota.
  5. Just wondering if someone could pick up a 1949 packard in brainard minnesota and deliver it to oakdale minnesota.
  6. I bought a 1949 packard recently that I need transported and I am looking at all my options so I thought I would ask here if there is anyone that could transport the car from brainerd,mn to my home in oakdale,mn ?
  7. I have been lurking around the car hobby for a while and I decided it is time to jump in.I love mopars and I am on kind of budget which why I am posting to kind of see what is out there.I am looking for any pre 1980 mopar car that is either a project or driver.The budget I mentioned is $1500 or less.I know that is kind of a tall order but I know that these cars to still pop up for that price so if anyone knows of one for sale,if you could keep me in mind that would be great.I am in minnesota.