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  1. You do not have to use an inertia switch for a safety shut off of the electric fuel pump. GM and other manufacturers used an oil pressure sending unit to control the pump, loss of oil pressure shut off the pump. If the fuel system does drain back in a day or two verify the flexible / rubber lines are not dry rotted or cracked allowing air to enter the system. My cars can set weeks and will start start with minimal cranking time.
  2. Had a great time at the swap meet in York, Bought a few good items and saw a lot of nice Studebakers. Thank you to all who made the show possible. The M5 cab with the V12 Detroit Diesel was the interesting running unit and the 1930's ambulance was the non running vehicle in my opinion. GO Studebaker!!!!!!!
  3. I am looking for the channel that is on the bottom inside of the windshield that the opening regulator slides back and forth in. Is it on this windshield frame? Do you have one? Thank You Larry
  4. Hello to all Studebaker fans. Does any one know if there are any places that rebuild the old leather faced cone clutches with a new material like kevlar or ???? Thank you Larry
  5. Thank you for looking Garnetkid. I hope Leif or another member can tell me if it will work.
  6. I think you should be able to find one, It might be a little harder finding it with the correct serial number designation. I have a 1927 EW sedan with 1 spare EW and a spare ES engines.
  7. Thank you for your replies. I will keep trying to find these for my friend. Larry
  8. On manual transmissions there are detent balls, springs and spacing pins to give the locked in feeling when shifting into gear thus also holding it in gear. These also are used to keep the transmission from shifting into two gears at one time. You mention a 4th gear lock system for the pump pto. If this has any devices used to keep the truck from being shifted into gear to be driven I would look into this feature closely. If a transmission does go into two gears at once it is impossible to move until one gear is shifted out or the weakest link breaks. Check your linkages for movement while the engine is running versus engine static.
  9. A friend of mine is looking for 2 parts to complete this car which he just started driving. He needs the spark plug cover on the engine and the rear generator starter cover. If anyone has these items please let me know the cost and with his OK I will order them from you. The man that needs them is a Korean war veteran that does not use computers and has very poor hearing. I have to go see him to speak with him so it takes me a couple days to get back with an answer. Thank You Larry
  10. Hello Brian. I am 99% sure that I have an atalanta with the quick release if what has been offered to you already falls through Larry
  11. I do not have any trip planned my cars are not ready. I still like to see the cars going down the road. Hope you are out
  12. You did not mention how you set the low idle mixture. You should set low idle to spec's with the speed screw on the throttle and then adjust the mixture screw(s) ( 1 screw on a single barrel carb and 2 screws on a two barrel carb ) in or out whichever way increases the engine RPM. reset the speed screw and then turn the mixture screw(s) again to get the highest engine rpm's and reset the engine speed It should get to the point no matter which way you turn the mixture screws(s) the engine speed will go down, this will have set the mixture correctly or what is known as peaking the carb. If the mixture screws are turned fully closed or are coming out of the bore 5 or more turns then the carb is not working correctly and should be checked for the problem associated to where the mixture screws are in or out.
  13. I am looking for 2 sheet metal parts for a 1924 Buick 45. One goes across the top of the engine covering the valve train. The second one goes on the rearward side of the starter generator. I am also looking for a headlight bar. Does anybody know of any available? Thank you Ltc4748
  14. I plan to start the vehicle next week and will take pictures and post them if I can figure out how ( I have not tried to do any pictures yet on the forum ). I will also ask the owner if they are willing to sell privately. I will post their reply. Thanks to all for the information and help. 1926 Model T Roadster 1927 Studebaker Commander 1947 Chrysler windsor sedan 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible 1959 Studebaker lark VIII Stationwagon
  15. Hello Larry. Thank you again for your response. I use 15-40 in all of my vehicles. This Buick is owned by a friend who's father passed away years ago. They wanted to get it running to prepare to sell the vehicle, probably at Hershey Pa since we live about 45 miles from there. I knew the T was negative ground but did not know if all the other auto manufacturers were positive ground until the 1950's. 1926 Model T Roadster 1927 Studebaker Commander 1947 Chrysler windsor sedan 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible 1959 Studebaker lark VIII Stationwagon
  16. Hello Larry. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about this Buick. I have another couple questions to ask - do these cars have positive or negative ground systems? I am pretty sure the original owner had it operating as it was when new. There was no battery in it when the car came to me. I was going to use 30 non detergent oil in the crankcase, but the timing gear area has a tag that requests 600 wt oil, what would you use. Not knowing the history of lubricants used in this coupe I figured another owner would already know what is best. Thank you again for your help Larry Gross 1926 Model T Roadster 1927 Studebaker Commander 1947 Chrysler windsor sedan 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible 1959 Studebaker lark VIII Stationwagon
  17. I am getting ready to start a C36 that has sat for a very long time. I would like to find out the proper way to change and check the oil in the engine. It has 5 plugs down the center of the oil pan, a petcock on the left side of the pan and a plug in the front of the pan. I also would like to know how much oil to put back into the engine. Thank you in advance for the help.
  18. How is your oil pressure when the engine is fully warmed up running at low idle? If it goes below 15 psi I would not go to a multi viscosity. Non detergent oil has not been recommended for vehicle engines since about 1930 but people still used it for years. Non detergent oil is less likely to break any oil sludge build up that may be in your engine but it will not contain some of the newer additives that are beneficial for longer engine life. I started running a model T 4 years ago ( it was setting for 15 years or more) and I put 15w-40 in it and it seems to run well and no unusual noises or signs of low oil pressure trouble. I just started an EW about 2 months ago and with 15w - 40 in it the oil pressure warmed up at low idle drops to 10 - 15 lbs. I just changed it to straight 30 weight but I am doing other work on it so I cannot tell you if it helped or not until I get to run it again. Oils years ago were very different bases and some were from a paraffin base, those oils I would not mix or even use if I found a deal on some today. I would not be afraid to mix current name brand oil with the same name such as Castrol ( Brand ) GTX ( name ) of different weights.
  19. If you look into wolfs head synthetic automatic transmission fluid it has an impressive list of standards that it meets or exceeds including type F Dexron's Mercon's and manufacturers such as Allison heavy duty transmissions. I personally have not used it on any antique transmissions but when my 59 lark VIII station wagon needs done thats what I intend to use.
  20. I recently purchased a 1927 EW Commander. It has taken me several weeks to prepare to start it due to it setting for many years. I now have it running and I want to repair some of the things that are not working. I am looking for a part to the front windshield opener assembly. I need the track that bolts onto the bottom inside of the windshield frame with 2 screws. I have seen one on a friend of mines car and it looks to have a slight radius to it. The regulator assembly has been repaired and is in good shape. Does anyone know what the water temperature should run on these cars? On an 80f day the gauge runs at the top of the normal range. It does not seem to be running lean I think because the manual choke does not improve the performance if slowly pulled out, it starts to load up / run rich. The car has not boiled over in the 120 miles I have driven it so far. It appears there is no thermostat in the big 6 engine, would it be beneficial to install one? Thank you in advance for help with my project Larry