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  1. Who knows what hood this is, had some different suggestions for this like; 1934-1936 ford/Lincoln, 34 Ford but searching on the web I did't found a similar one. Thanks, Ton
  2. This is written under a wing
  3. Need your help once more, had this picture on my Facebook "hood ornaments" page with the question to identify it. Have been searching but with no result. Thanks again Ton
  4. On my face book page "hood ornaments" I had this picture, can someone identify this one. Thanks Ton
  5. Need some help here, who can identifier this one Thanks Ton
  6. Had on my Facebook page "Hood ornaments" a new help item Never seen this one before, it's heavy polished metal , and signed Thanks, Ton
  7. Need some help here. Who knows this logo.
  8. To oldhouseguy; I'm pretty familiar with hood ornaments, never seen this one before. Don't think it's from a car.
  9. I like permission to post the picture on my Face book page Hood ornaments. With PhotoShop I will print your name and the copyright sign on it Regards Ton Smilde
  10. Love to share your close up hood ornaments photo's please let me know. Thanks Ton
  11. Went to see that Antique dealers again, he told me that his son had a nice paper weight. Well it is. A GUY Motors hood ornament.In 1924 the company adopted the slogan 'Feathers in our Cap' which led to the addition of a Native American mascot to their vehicles.
  12. Like to thank everybody for the reactions so far. Now that I am back in the Netherlands I’m regular visitor of car events held in the east of the Netherlands. Not compatible with the Good Guys events but good enough. And luckily we have 3 car dealers (they Hugh collection) in the region who are specialized in US cars. For those who are interested I have linked the web pages. If I can help somebody let me know, perhaps I can do something recently I helped a US guy who needed parts for his Opel GT. And finely if you like to share your hood ornament pictures on my Facebook page you are more than welcome. Photos are 1200 pixels width and with Photoshop I will print the copyright sign and your name on it. Send me a message and I will give you my email address. The pictures are from: 1955 Jaguar MK 7 Saloon, Lincoln, 1957 Lincoln Premiere 2 door Hardtop Coupe and a French UNIC truck Car dealers:
  13. I’m Ton Smilde a retired Dutch Air Force guy. I was based in the States for 5 years first at Springfield, OH and the last 9 months at Tucson AZ. In the States the car fever hit my. Every Friday night we went to the Greene at Beavercreek where car enthusiasts ware gathering on the Big K parking lot sometimes more than 300 hundred. My favorite were the shows from the Good Guys. Went 4 times to Columbus, once to the Phoenix and the Forth Worth one at the Motor Speedway. For the last year or so I'm totally in the hood ornaments, love them. Made pictures in the US of hood ornaments but regrets' that I didn't make more. Made a facebook page about hood ornament, if you have pictures and want to share them let me know I'm more than happy to place them I found these hood ornaments at a Dutch antique dealer who can help me to identify them by car model and year. Thanks Ton