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  1. Hi I have three of these throttle swivels that all need to be restored. Where do you get/or do you restore them? Can I send them to you to get them restored? Thank you. Sincerely Vernon. Ph.# 5753131778
  2. I had no title at all,the state police ran a vin inspection using engine #'s I was issued a NM title but none of the numbers from the engine or frame #'s are on the title. Don't know where he got the #'s that are on my title but nothing matches. Thanks
  3. Thanks . I haven't tried to match the numbers to the fire wall numbers. I'll check that out. Have a Great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you,I didn't know about Daves passing I just joined a few weeks ago. My Buick is a 1939 Century. I've had it for 10yrs. But some how the state policeman in NM wrote the wrong numbers down & none of them are on my title. I had my car sold but the numbers on the car didn't match any on the title that was a vin inspection. The state has a NY regestration for my car but nothing matches ant thing.
  5. This question is for Dave Corbin. Can you tell me where my Buick Century came from & what the other numbers identify? The serial number on the frame are as follows. 33581492. Thanks 39pickels
  6. I have been in touch with Mr. Colbert & he checked the master parts book & it says 39 Century can only use 39 Century. The part number is 3111993. Thank you for your reply.39pickels
  7. Hi thank you for your reply. I have been trying to reach Dave sense tuesday but will keep trying. Does he have an email address listed on the BCA web site? thank you have a great day.39pickels
  8. My name is Vernon. I live in Vail AZ. I am looking for a radiator for a 39 Century. Can you help? Thank you 39pickels
  9. yes I have been trying to reach him for two days but will keep trying. He has located a lot of parts for me. thanks 39pickels
  10. Wanted a radiator for my 1939 Century. My upper & lower tanks on my radiator are shot,so I can not rebuild mine. So if you have one that I can rebuild let me know. thanks 39pickels:o
  11. I'll join your group if you help each other. 39pickels
  12. Is there by chance a radiator in the 39 Special? Thanks 39pickels
  13. Is there by chance a radiator in that Buick? I sure need one. Both upper & lower tanks on my radiator are warped & not useable. thanks 39pickels
  14. I am looking for a radiator for my 39 Century. I don't know if any other year is interchangeable or not. Both my upper & lower tanks are warped so I can't re core mine. Thanks 39 pickels:o
  15. I am looking for a rebuildable radiator for my 39 Century. If anyone has or knows where I can get one please post. Thanks 39pickels:o
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