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  1. I totally agree with them its a Dodge DC8. So what are your plans with it?
  2. Awesome set up you guys have here. But just an inquiry what type of wheels and tires would best recommend in every trailer that is bang for the bucks?
  3. Any idea how much will it cost for this papers to be processed?
  4. Most of the modern engineered motor oil has its own additive that is compatible most engine even with old ones. Just make sure to replace it regularly and religiously your engine will last longer.
  5. This I have to agree. I had the same problem before and have no choice but to change the color.
  6. If its already converted to electrical , than it would be good if you could inspect the temp sending unit. Most of the time this is the culprit of having false reading.
  7. I would refrain in using additives. It will make the oil thicker and won't do any help within the engine it self.
  8. Well in my idea the price did go up for some time, but I think it should be blame to us collector.
  9. I also use rotella 15w-40 but just to clean the internal of the engine and after a week of use I change it with multigrade oil and replace it every 3 months. So far it gave me good results.
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