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  1. Thanks for the reply & good advice, one other question, I'm told that this engine is air cooled?, Is that a concern for me when I get this running, as far as dependability in driving it any distance? Or best to stay very local with it/in town, and yes I'm interested in keeping this Franklin in its present condition, just want to have it cleaned up, and gone through so I can drive it as is~
  2. I need some help to id this Franklin, I think its a 1933, but can anyone tell me the model or perhaps the value in this condition and after restoration. Are parts hard to come by? I don't know anything about these cars, is this one rare?, it looks to be a 12 cylinder & was running ten years ago, I welcome any replies and comments....thanks Chris,
  3. Need help to id this old franklin, don't know anything about these cars, thought I start here to find some answers, are parts hard to come by if I decide to restore this Franklin and is it worth it, value? welcome your responses...thanks