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  1. Hi all My father and I started on a project, to restore a 1934 Dodge Sedan, but have lost interest. We have 2 dodges, very much the same. One was a frame off restoration but the car is not fully assembled. Most body parts are painted and partially installed. The interior is partially reupholstered too. The running boards have been re-coated with rubber and all the chrome has been redone. The second (parts) car is an assembled 1980s novice restoration. it has a good deal of rust (mostly underneath), but this car runs and seem to be intact. any advic
  2. Thanks for the responses and sorry for the delay.. attached are some pictures Ian. Thanks John
  3. Does anyone know how to repair or a source for the backing material for the rear armrests? I asked several upholstery people in my area and none has any way to repair these. thanks John
  4. Ian I am not sure what's all bolted to the firewall. I will let you know when I find out. I just bought another 34 sedan from the same guy, along with many extra parts, from fenders, to hoods, to trim and other parts. I will look through your thread and check out the hood trim. I haven't found any in my new stash yet, I wonder if they are easily obtained. Thanks for your help. John
  5. Ian Wow, very informative. Thanks tons! I added some more photos to my gallery, you said you wanted to know the condition of the car. Like I said earlier, it was partially restored. The person who sold the car has another version, without the spit front windows that is in original condition. It is in a garage. He has quite a few spare parts around. I found another hood, which I took, and it is in very good condition, no stress cracks, the supports are in place, however it has some punched holes under each louver. If you look at the one pic in my gallery, you can see them. Is this for
  6. Ian thanks for being so helpful. I managed to find a company that remakes the hoods, Rootleib. it is expensive though. My father took both lower sections of the hood to have the metal splits at the louvers repaired and I said to make sure it is cold welded, well the fellow brazed them and they are pretty warped that is why I am looking to simply replace the parts. you can see from my pictures in my gallery the hood was pretty good, if you zoom in you can see the metal tear. I looked for the serial # on the frame, but couldn't find it. I wonder if this frame is not original, it is in rea
  7. Ian It does have a split window. I will post more photos soon. this car was owned by a former boss of mine, before college, when I was a mechanic. he bought one in original condition and then bought one to restore. he partially finished and then covered it. 25 years later my dad brought it to my house to finish. frame and cab are already restored as seen in the pics I have here. all the chrome has been redone. the interior is not restored, but intact. the rear fenders are done, the front have been cleaned and primed. The hood is original. Speaking of the hood, is there a source for
  8. I figured that was the case. is there a particular rivet type used? The one I removed seemed to be steel on the outside and brass in the back.
  9. hello Ian, I have been reading your progress post, very interesting and thanks for your advice. I think I fixed the gallery issue and you should be able to see some photos. I will be sure to download that restoration catalog too.
  10. Hello I started a new project, a 1934 dodge sedan, not sure the type since it is partially restored, and I haven't located the door plate with details. I have been reading these forums and getting familiar with the car. I have a couple pictures in my new gallery. One thing I am curious about so far is the hood corners. I see that leather or rubber ones are common, but the ones on my hood are brass, with brass rivets. Would these be original? The good handle was fastened to the hood with what appear to be steel and brass rivets. What is a good source for replacement rivets? I removed the h
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