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  1. The plymouth logo was what intrigued me. I guess a could find some metal Plymouth badges and get plain deflectors and make my own. Something to think about.
  2. My 33 PD 4dr has new exhaust and would look funky. I did not buy because they are to pricey at $39 for me. I do want a tip but haven't decide what.
  3. Thanks everyone! Very interesting info. What a history. My wife says it looks like an exadurated snoze...the way she wrinkled her nose I figured she no like, ha. Maybe it is to hokey...still on the fence.
  4. Thanks Keiser31, I was concerned about that and thought this would be a good place to find out. Maybe I'll find one at Hershey on Oct. I need a bunch of 33 4dr PD parts.
  5. Has anyone seen this exhaust deflector. Is it real or someones good idea? Thanks
  6. Is there anyone that knows the difference between the 1933 Plymouth 4dr seat springs and the 1933 Ford Fordor seat springs.
  7. Yes, I would a photo. I don't think I've seen an inner cover. Mine didn't have one.
  8. I am restoring a 1933 Ply PD 4dr and need a few parts: In North Florida...thanks for looking Needed Drivers door glass Drivers door glass bottom channel Drivers door window garnish Rear passenger strap brackets (2) rear panel covers gas tank (w/spare tire bracket and gas tank holes) 112" frame ( has twin leaf suspension) front fenders 2- tail light stands rear bottom seat spring front tub back seat spring floor pan sheet metal For Sale or trade for above rear end - $150 front springs - $200 front brakes (back plates,shoes,drums) - $100 drive shaft - $100 bell-housing - $100 rear shocks - $100 pr Misc parts/pieces - cam, trans case & gears,axle)
  9. Do you still have any parts...I am looking for a drivers door glass channel and door window garnish. would like to find the front tub back seat spring and rear bottom seat spring. I would appreciate it you might know who would have them if you don't.
  10. I know I have asked before but in Florida there isn't much for selection of '33 parts. If any one might know where I can find the following, I much appreciate it. I am looking for: 1. front upper/lower seat springs. 2. drivers interior door window molding 3. panel above windshield, covers wiper motor 4. tail light stand with/without license plate mount 5. drivers door window channel for the regular I included photos of my removing the body so I can cleanup the frame and see what body work need done. Things are going slow on it but I am still trying to gather known missing parts. I got the '33 in Connecticut as a project gone bad. It has a lot of pieces missing but I will get the '33 looking as good as it did in its day. I appreciate this thread because there is a lot of good info.
  11. I am restoring a 1933 4dr PD. I saw this post and wondered?...... I am looking for front tub upper/lower seat springs. Does anyone have any or know of any? I also need the following: 1. drivers interior window molding 2. panel above windshield, covers wiper motor 3. tail light stand with/without license plate mount 4. interior window cranks 5. interior door handle Thanks
  12. has it been restored? Do you take PayPal? If so send me a valid email address. Is the radiator emblem below it for sale? Thanks
  13. I know I am in Florida but I am freezing my buns off. It is after noon and still only 38°. Since I ain't going outside (some of you are probably snow-bound) I thought I would ask a question. Has anyone put a B body rear under a 33 frame? I bought a spring kit from Chassis Engineering and plan on narrowing the B body rear that's 60.5 to 1.5" less than the stock rear that's 55.5" which will make it 54". Am I crazy or should I leave it at stock?
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