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  1. Problem resolved, 1) 10" Chevy clutch plates are too thick, Duh!... 2) Having a real tight pilot bushing... Shaved the disk on the fly wheel planer and stretched the pilot bushing with my spare input shaft...shifts like butter now!!!! Thanks for the help Dave and Jack H. 👍
  2. 100% correct on both points, I tested, came back dead, both fuel sending and temp, sent back and Bruce at Bob's made it good, and super fast.
  4. Fingers cannot be adjusted to be longer, only more tension and less tension.... I'll have it up on the lift, so not too bad of a job. Always fun...
  5. Sleeve was fine as well as the fork...I will pull it out later this week....
  6. Could be: 1) Incorrect new pressure plate, incorrect new throw out bearing or both 2) Worn out clutch shaft bushing 3) Worn Fork arm/sleeve The fun continues...
  7. 1) Leaking and broken brass oil pressure line fitting - Fixed 2) Leaking and broken brass fuel line fitting - Fixed 3) Leaking brake lines all four corners - Fixed 4) Leaking expansion plug (freeze plug) - Fixed 5) Incorrect carb. kit - Fixed 6) Non-operational fuel gauge - Fixed 7) Non-operational engine temperature gauge - Fixed 8. Leaking diaphragm in the timing vacuum advance - Fixed NEW - Clutch does not fully release, and clutch is fully adjusted out....seams as if either the throw out bearing is not wide enough or the clutch fingers are not long enough....effectively even with a fully adjusted pedal I need about another 1" to fully release....too much grinding.
  8. Just to know, its for the lead, not the octane, in CA its the only way to purchase fuel with lead.
  9. So you know, I have on it now the '36 LC 16"X6" wheel, with 16" x 6.5" tires...1/4" on each side overlap on the bead...
  10. I have guide holes in the '36 artillery wheels currently on it....all four hubs have pins.
  11. Thanks Dave, This chart is for '36 - '40 (LC through VC) 1/2 tons. So now I have no idea on these rims I have...are they aftermarket? Passenger Car?
  12. Could be...I did pack them, was thinking since I was going to keep the rear end on the shelf for a couple of years, I did not want them to rust, and thought didn't really matter when the Diff oil got on them, as the wheel grease would simply dissolve into the the Diff oil when it did start rolling...that was almost 5 years ago, and 4 other project later!
  13. Dave was this the '37 rim sizes from my other Posting?
  14. May want to locate a 76 (Sunoco) station that has leaded racing fuel, there is one in Newport Beach I go to.....also, double check you don't have water in your tank/lines, if you do, by running it rich you overcompensate for the poor running.... (I'll go back to the truck forum now)
  15. With the deals going on now, am looking at a newer Ram....😁 Greg - Number 27 and 31 keeps the Diff oil in, the bearing use the same oil as the diff gears...been so long ago I did that....memory only.
  16. Great company and if its not right, they will make it right, on sure to get the kick panels too, that way the patterns will match.
  17. Likewise, all I've seen are 9 1/2 by about 7 3/4 lip to lip.
  18. I don't have the '37 Parts book, can you look at group 22 in that for me?
  19. Gauge for sure, have hot lead coming in to one pole, and absolutely nothing on the other pole....even hot wired the gauge (both sides) to give it a jolt, and no movement (do not recommend). Put electricity on the float separately, and had resistance and electricity on the float, while pulling up and down. Replacement floats today are perfectly on existing arms. On the temp gauge, my bulb came off too..when talking to the guys at Bob's they told me they fill them with ether and glycol..they suspect my soldering must not have sealed, and that is why mine does not work. To test, simply take a match, and hold it under the bulb....for just a second no more, while looking at the gauge.
  20. Of course I did, and yes holy smokes, took awhile to figure out why they did not seal...the secret....the female and male must be exactly lined up...i.e. perfect angles.
  21. Came off of a '38 Humpback...Motor Wheel Corporation, Lansing MI.