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  1. They did my mounts and axle to frame bumpers, came back with the correct part number embossed in the sure to mic the original thickness prior to sending out, you will find that when you get it back it will stand up a bit taller in the engine get mine to fit back in, I had to take my hydraulic frame/body jacks to spread the frame apart to get it to align with the bolt holes....
  2. +1 on that, the local shop had all mine in stock...
  3. 6.5" - 16", Five lug, with a centering pin.....need 5. The red photo below is the correct wheel The below photo is to show the bolt pattern and centering pin holes only.
  4. Quick update, turned the distributor, built period correct spark plug wires, and bent 3/16 vacuum line to the up is exhaust down pipe, silencer and tail pipe, splash guards and cab....
  5. Call J&S Gear Co. in HB, ask for John...he replaced all my bearings and located a NOS pumpkin. All in was less than $300.
  6. Fabricated a new door stop mount inside the drivers side A pillar...I added a 1/8 inch back brace then slide the mount through it...tight space for a weld. Put some mud on the front and will respray.
  7. Found a close replacement, fits many applications, ‘37 MC, ME & MF, ‘38 RE and RF, ‘37 Plymouth this one is period correct, just a bit off on the Application.
  8. Fine machine work...I'm jealous. What CNC did you use to cut it?
  9. Hi John, Pete and I chatted, I can get one fabricated, but will cost, Pete knows the details, just in case you can't locate one.
  10. Ah, makes sense Graham, Yes, found it the Parts-Application Section, however, my Hollander only goes to 1940...I suspect over the years they updated the book to include the next casting, ending in "8", where my book might have been too early to catch that version....maybe?
  11. Period correct, but not original generator....8K6 8 = 1938 K = November 6 = 6 day of the month. Build card is October 6 1937....bummer.😞
  12. Not sure, my Hollander book only shows a 651357....but that would correlate to the 36 LC 1/2 ton.