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  1. Need to do a bit more fine tuning on the Shell and Grill....but coming together nicely.
  2. DCM does fine work, local welding done in Michigan, by hand, Be sure to measure yours prior to ordering and confirm fitment, I've seen variations between years.
  3. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.....😁
  4. Just got back the bed from the machine shop...Looks like I got a lot of welding and grinding in my future...
  5. Busy weekend getting back into the shop, 1) Wired up the gauge cluster, added thermostat to the block, and bent and attached 3/16" tube for the oil pressure gauge. 2) Wired up the igntion switch, panel lights, and headlights. 3) Installed Wiper, and added the top covers.... 4) Installed glove box, hinge and cover. 5) Cut wood for the floor boards, will add a thumb hole on the battery side with terminal access...and need to cut out the half moon on the bottom for the E-Brake drum.... Tested panel lights, horn, and the starter pedal, all checked out fine.... Ran the cordless drill on the Speedo, added another 1/10 of mile....😁 All interior nuts and bolts are original hardware, cleaned up and polished.
  6. making sure the felt is in place for the floorboards...prior to finalizing the cuts on the wooden floor insert.
  7. If a reproduction is ok, try here...
  8. Hi Jim, I talked to Hunley this morning, he confirmed he will no longer be able to restore them.
  9. Here you buddy, let me know if I missed anything...