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  1. Matt - I have taken many restored rides out on public roads without "completing" registration...police never bother me. Except for the one that pulled me over....to take pictures to send to his police buddies back at the station...I have no reservations when taking them out, Police know we are not going to raise a ruckus. I do though make sure I am fully insured both for my property and property of others...I'm not worried about my driving, its the other guy that worries me. BTW - love the color combination, refined yet sporty.
  2. They forged 6 for me, T58 engine for my '38 truck... Local company to me, so was very easy to work with, drove there, dropped off an old piston, 4 weeks later, picked up 6 new ones. Only complaint pricey...Had enough change left in my pocket to buy an In-N-Out burger!
  3. Hey Matt, gotta ask, what's the breed?
  4. Almost true, I documented over 4 years of restoration on mine, and the server lost it, and not found on the backups...I restarted it and titled it "Lost Topic" over in the Dodge Truck forum...Be sure you print your thread and scan it....you never know.
  5. Arrived yesterday, SoCal, wonderful changes...
  6. Not an endorsement, but check HERE
  7. No, I did not, always have assumed it was original of the re-pops available online. Unfortunately the library does not have much for us. We depend on each other for knowledge sharing.
  8. There are re-pop maintenance manuals that were supplied with our trucks new, '37-'38 on Ebay, only tools they show in the book is the jack and lug nut handle. Click Here To View It
  9. Hens tooth if you find out, DBC published the Guide to Authentic Tools 1914-1938, with only two pages dedicated to our trucks. And neither page has any reference to the '36-'38 years...John Bittence wrote the section, perhaps there is more info since it was first published January 2012. Reprints are available through here (click this). Let me know what/if you find out and will follow this thread. BTW, I do have a giant box of old DB tools, I just don't know what ones to use in the Trucks, and when I do will get the wife to sew up some re-pop pouches.
  10. Just my 2 cents, to me, the "R"'s seems off....would love to have one hanging in my shop.
  11. Been awhile, thought some folks could use some inspiration for the 2021 Show Circuit...coming soon to a field near you, get those baby out and start dolling them up...I am. Also doing some touch up work...Wiper, Crank Cover Emblem, Window Regulators, Running Board Repairs, Choke & Throttle Cable Repairs... Cheers Everyone!
  12. Don't ya love how engine hoists and engine stands never fit together...can someone please make them were the feet do not overlap....
  13. Canadian built, Engine started with a T39 number, 218.06 cubic inch engine, 116" long, started with serial number 9551451 and ended with 9552257. This would be the 82nd unit off the 1937 production line, so an early '37, or late '36 parts would work.
  14. Bought my cork from these guys....fixed me right up. https://restorationstuff.com/ Page 10 of the online catalog.
  15. Carry over from early start up procedure on Brass...needed three feet and three hands without one. 😂
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