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  1. From my understanding, the frame and drive-train were all stock, body was the money shot...not number matching, but a good tribute.
  2. I did see that one....basically buying a body for $5,500....could be a big pay day for someone with lots of time....
  3. Hi Dave, good to chat with you again, hope you are well and safely tucked away in the PNW...I suspect that lead is probably a cold case for sure! If you find one, however, be sure to pick up a lottery ticket too....about as hard to find a hens tooth!
  4. ...Sound of the American Express Centurion Card going back in the wallet....
  5. For sure, Matt I would love to see the original options on this. Used to be $25, better to email Danielle to confirm.
  6. Nice example Matt...interesting to see a radio antenna attached, did a build card come with the purchase....?
  7. Standard thread allen plug, 3/8 or 1/2 inch, for mine. Again from memory....
  8. Give Steve a call at DCM, (616) 772-1165, they make complete tanks, I suspect he would sell you a neck. From memory only, 9/16 double flare fitting, would have to wait until I can get out to the shop to confirm.
  9. Out of my league...'36-'38 is my world. Had to guess, would be a '25-'28...
  10. Looks great Bob, you have a lot of the "hens tooth" to a great start for sure, looking forward to seeing your updates.
  11. Hey, Bob, Lets see pictures of the may have already posted some in other forums, so please excuse....
  12. Hanging tin....finally found my roundtoit. 😂
  13. I was told the tubes are filled with ether...therefore gaps will not effect the reading.