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  1. Kiltie Green was the color used in 1937 for sure, and was a carry over in 1938. Not sure about previous to 1937.
  2. Yea, that's the fellow I emailed a few months back, and still have not had a reply. I will try again, thanks Ian!
  3. Hi Ian, I have not been able to locate a USA based hub cap restorer, I even reached out to the fellow in NZ, but had no reply. Would you share the name/email of the person you found down there or PM me the contact email. Thanks. Merry Chrissy.
  4. Doesn't say what engine is in it, but looking at the location of the stick shift and the type of wheels, I'd say its not stock....
  5. Maybe for speed on the line and interchangeability they made all the holes the same size regardless of purpose (mounting versus split rivet). Just a guess. Do you know the diameter of the rivet head for the '38?
  6. Interesting, now I am wondering if the paint and body guy went a little too far with the filler...
  7. Thanks Jim, I did, it came out on the micrometer at .2467 +/-.01, this is why I am leaning towards a hollow rivet (semi tubular) since split rivets are not large diameters...BTW the application is a 1936 1/2 ton truck, not mine.
  8. Any Car/Truck guys know what the OE was for attaching the radiator shell lacing Tube Rivets, Solid Rivets, Blind (Pop) Rivets? Size?
  9. I know on '36 - '38 trucks, Ash was used on cab to frame spacers, therefore, I continue using ash on floorboards, with these fasteners, the nuts from factory were welded to the underside. Did the cars come with body to frame spacers?
  10. Then and Now does Vulcanizing
  11. Hey, thanks a bunch for the lead Bill, I will send an email out right away. (Update, Roman got right back to me from RJL, no luck)
  12. Jeff is a great guy, he even sent me samples to see if I can get them to work...I'd have to do some major mods to get them to work. I have to assume they are OG, these are the only ones I have ever seen as actual clips, every other time I see restored units and non-restored, its either a nut and bolt, zip ties, door molding clips (w/mods), etc... Thanks Jim. (Just a FYI, he thought X410 would fit, , and it was the closest)
  13. Hi Folks, Another poster from the truck side and I, have had trouble locating a trim clip, this clip attaches the chrome trim around the radiator are below. I have used door panel clip in the past and modified them, Unfortunately when using modified clips/bolts, they tend to show when looking close at the shell. Additionally, when trying to restore back to assembly line condition, as close to original matters... I have reached out to several of the restoration supply houses, with no luck over the years....can anyone direct us to a supply house or person that may have a lead on them? Thanks in advance.