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  1. We thought about it but would rather go with fuel injection and also want to convert to manual trans.
  2. Hey all - just joined up on here. Not sure if I'm in the right spot, but I could use some advice on a restoration a friend and I are starting to part together. My buddy bought a 1980 (last model year) Pinto about two years back from a Ford Dealer for a steal. (I know this might be a pretty late year for this forum but hey, lets give it a shot) It was partially restored, but all original and in working order. A few months ago the motor started knocking and you know the rest. Now that he's got the cash, he's looking to restore the car and make it a daily driver. Question is- which drive train would be the best for this project? We're going for fuel injected rather than carb and a manual trans as well. Any advice is appreciated! -Levi