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  1. Larry, I should have said fuel gauge line. It is about 1/16th inch in diameter. It is broken at the gauge. The gauge seems okay. What fluid fills it. and how does it work? thanks Kent
  2. Hi all my 30 Franklin 145 fuel line is broken at the gauge and would like to find another. Also how it works. thank you Kent
  3. Thanks I thought after working on it awhile that would be what needed to be done. thanks
  4. Hi Steve I have metal spoke wheels.
  5. Hi Mikewest The back seem to be okay it's the front right that hangs up. will I need a puller for the front?
  6. Hi all I have a 30 Franklin 145 with a brake dragging and would like to know how to get the brake drum off. I have looked at parts pages. Also I need information about the gas gauge and line from the gas tank. My line is broken at the gauge. Thanks for any ideas and help. Kent
  7. Would like to be there but yesterday I hear a noise and don't know what it is yet. Either brakes or fan rubbing on metal.
  8. Hi Bill I am in Arcata, Ca about 100 miles south of Oregon on the coast. I tried to attach a picture but it said file too large.
  9. .My Franklin is a 145 4door sedan in great condition.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the info. What do you have in operation/ shop manuals and price? I don't think I need any parts at this time.
  11. Thank you, I'M new with Franklin. I was a model A person for many years and I wanted something different and wow!
  12. Just bought a 1930 Franklin 145 and should I use an additive to the regular unleaded fuel? how do I know how much oil is in the motor? Thanks Kent Dix
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