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  1. Is there a source for replacement "roller bearings" used in the rear wheels/axle of '25 - '27 Buick Standards? Or does anyone have good usable used bearings, races/sleeves, seals, etc. Or a complete rear axle unit that could supply good parts might work as the key-way in one axle chewed up, so better axle would be good here as well. (Do not need springs or wheels.) I live in Columbus , Ohio. Happy to drive a few hundred miles for a good axle, pay your asking price. Thanks, Mark 614 551 0960
  2. Is there a source for the large "roller bearing" and races/sleeves used on rear axles on Buick Standards 1925 to 1927? New or good used is fine. One axle's wheel locking keyway is chewed up. Anyone got a good used axle for sale out there? Alternative: would also be interested in a complete rear axle in good shape, but do not need springs or wheels. I'm in Columbus, Ohio. Happy to drive a few hundred miles. Thanks, Mark #48063 614 551 0960
  3. Looking for Harrison Buick radiator marked on tag "1927" for Buick (race car). Tag is stamped 238C-1927 (Actual year of engine/chassis being researched.) About 30.5" overall height. Using stock radiator shell so radiator must match. Mark: 614 551 0960, or motormark@columbus.rr.com
  4. What's the best source within the AACA or Buick Club for information related to Buick race cars such as were run at Indy and other tracks back when they used two-place cars, essentially, pre-1935? I am looking for an old Buick track car to buy, 6 or 8 cylinder, and would like to have a resource for what was raced in that period. Were there actual factory made race cars, did teams/builders like Shafer only build their own cars from production parts, new frame rails? Is there a register tracing Buick race cars of this era? Any especially good books to own on the topic? Thanks, Motormark
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