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  1. I need a set of wind wings for a 1928 Chrysler model 52 roadster. I also need the brackets they mount too. Can anyone help me know where to get a set? Thanks
  2. I suspect I need a new head gasket for my 1928 chrysler model 52 4 cylinder engine. The crankcase is full of anti-freeze. The engine sounds normal when running and there is no smoke from the exhaust. Where would I buy an new gasket? Thanks for your help the answers to other questions have been very helpful. Glenn
  3. Does any have a diagram of the spark advance linkage for a 1928 chrysler model 52? What need is a diagram of the linkage or a source for the linkage. I need the parts that go from the steering column to the vertical lever that is beside the generator. If I can get the part that would be great but a picture of it or a diagram of it would allow me to make one. Thanks
  4. I appreciate the past answers. I have run the car for awhile in the garage on jacks. the oil pressure is around 20-30 psi. Is that about normal when the engine is warm. Thanks for you responses
  5. Thanks for the sources. I have found that the spark advance is not hooked up. The lever on the side of the engine was turned around so it would stay in one position retarded. The mechanism running form the bottom of the steering column to the control lever is missing. Now the question becomes is there a source for this, series of parts? I am feeling a little retarded myself, but am learning.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Do you know where I can buy an instruction book?
  7. I just purchased a 1928 model 52 at an auction. The car has an older restoration and is in very good condition. It starts great. I think it has been sitting for a couple of decades. I changed the oil and checked all the fluids. On a test drive it would only go to 15 mph. I jacked the car up and found the 4 wheel brakes and park brake were extremely tight. I adjusted those and was able to get it up to twenty mph. Question: What is the normal cruising speed of this car? Does the spark advance have anything to do with the power issue and how does that work? Also the car spits out coolant at the e
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