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  1. black with a blue interior would of looked pretty sweet. my interior is original.
  2. I think it may be off the original engine. I assume, instead of chucking the tag, whoever junked the old motor put this tag on the firewall
  3. My dad was my best friend, Business partner and best man I have ever known. Sorry for your loss as well brother.
  4. it runs and drives now. but needs paint and finishing. just dont have the heart in it anymore since pop passed away. i love the old pontiacs.
  5. you rock brother!!!!! thanks so much!!!!!!!!! if any yall know anyone interested in a new project its for sale. Dad and I wanted to put the original 8 cyl engine in it. i took one out of a 48 r door torpedo. it ended up having destroyed crank broken rods and a hole n the block. we gave up and i did what i do best, small block chevy.
  6. My dad and I were building it then he died. it has sat for 3 years. im trying to sell it now but people want to know exactly what it is due to the rareness of cars from 42. thats why I got to get this figured out Does body number 214 mean it was number 214 off the line? paint number is 2200 trim number ?53 may be 053? anyone know what those are? the rimes are brown but interior is light blue. have no clue to original body color
  7. i know its a 46 grill. the guy i bought it from didnt have all 3 grill pieces for the 42. Ive only got the left insert.
  8. see, this reads i have 2 different cars. a streamliner 6 and 8 according to my plates. but you say I may have a chiefton? ill post some pictures.
  9. I have a 1942 pontiac and need the vin deoded please???? and that other number plate below it thanks!!!!
  10. thank you all for your help. I am going to try and find motor and trans to keep this original.
  11. Is there a way to find out what number off the line this car was? I am building this car for my son. He loves it. He is 16 and drives a 1948 Plymouth p-15 all original. I just wish I could find a flat 6 to put back into it.
  12. I want to keep it original. But I had a feeling it was extremely rare. I am assuming it is. I would love to keep it stock but it came with no motor or trans. But interior is original and in great shape
  13. I don't know it didn't have motor or trans when I got it