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  1. Posted elsewhere. Power steering column and pump 100 for pump 250 for column you pay shipping or pick up in Los Angles 90008. For pics see on the other forum. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1957-1961-mopar-dodge-plymouth-power-steering-parts.1194079/
  2. Guys Scammers seems to be getting a lot of customers in all old style forums. They mine the wanted ads to look for marks. if you see “kindly” in any of the message that is one key works they use. also notice when they registered. DONT USE VENMO OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT OTHER THANK COLD HARD CASH AMD PAYPAL GOODS AMD SERVICES
  3. Looks like something that should be here. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1932-plymouth-pb-3-window-rumble-seat-coupe.1153034/ Just passing the link on, not my car.
  4. Robert. I don’t have one but I think there is one on eBay right now
  5. @JW Mopars, what listed on the parts ad is what is available right now. Sorry the bumpers are not available yet. Just selling most of the doubles I have. The extra parts that make up the car will not be sold off until the car is gone.
  6. Hi Guys, We ended up buying a complete running car so the project car has to go. I have tons of parts that can go with, but Im mostly wanting to sell the whole project as bundle. I'll slowly add parts and bump ad as needed. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1933-plymouth-sedan.1145227/ https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1933-1934-plymouth-parts-hoods-grill-rad-lights-dodge.1148687/ For individual parts I ship to your work address or business addresses relatively cheap. just ask. Price OBO Thanks Abe
  7. so that whole tailgate goes down? awesome! nice Woody wagon.
  8. Here you go. http://rustyhope.com/site/mopar-discbrakes/ Be mindful of the track width, double check with the seller, in most cases your track width is changed to about 1-2" wider. That means the the wheels will be closer to the edge of the fenders. Also double check that your stock wheels fit. I happen to have bought a kit from Rustyhope for the '33 project and the stock wheels did indeed fit. I was talking to someone about this, but it is possible to have disc brakes and a non-power master cylinder. The flip side of this is, if
  9. Maybe it is never really sold, online Classic Car dealers probably take it on as a consignment.
  10. I have some spare suspension parts to make a rolling chassis. I'll have these at the Mopar Spring fling next week at Woodley Park rearend 100.00 front leaf springs 100.00 rear leaf springs 100.00 front crossmember for pedals 50.00 pedal setup 50.00 orignal tierod, draglink, steering arm and cut up steering gear, make offer open to offers I only have what is listed here available. Let me know if you can use any other these In Los Angeles, CA 90008 area. most parts too heavy to ship
  11. Hi Guys- some advice in general on the 60's Plymouth rearends. There seems to be a lot myth in reading, but truth in doing. A-Body rears are the ones that are- bolt in as far as leaf mount spacing. 43" mount space. Note that A-Body rears most ALL have (4.00"on 5) bolt pattern or SmallBoltPattern to the 60's Mopar freaks, I just learned this recently. If you find the correct A-Body rear with a Large Bolt Pattern or 4.5" on 5, it will be pricey, about 700-1000 range. Just an FYI. It was a special one used for one year only (of course) Super Stock Racing Darts. The B-body rears are the ones with
  12. Abe Lugo

    1934 PE ??

    Hi country traveller, where on the body does that pd number plate get mounted? Or is it a truck specific location? I thought it would be on the door channel on the front passenger. That looks like its mount out in the fire wall or something.
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