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  1. Have you tried checking with a convertible upholstery or automotive interior shop? On my '41 they made that part out of some of the same fabric from the top and used the chrome pointy ends. I think is a owner taste,weather its one of the other. on '41 I have seen it both ways. Basically in metal it a tack strip that has some of the snap buttons screwed in, it also covers the edge of the top, usually the corners have the little chrome arrows.
  2. Well I pulled the trigger and got this. Mainly to back fill some parts I will need for mine. My other 5 was gonna nickel and dime me.So all the big parts may be available. Body, chassis. Glass.Can drop of at Exporter or shipping site for AU and NZ guys.also this is the one that looks like a hardtop bit is still a post Sedan. The roof seems to be the same as the hardtop. Glass is the same height. I can measure and check the trim against mine. The fins are the larger 500 finsI will be starting with the roof and qtr panelsIm willing to cut this up as needed.Same for trunk floor. The chassis will most likely be last. But also will be going.pm me if interest in parts or want to deal whole???The qtr would be in 350.00 per side rangeRoof no trim just sheet metal can cut down to the dogleg and rear catwalk. 250.00if you need anything other stuff let me know.This seems to have a Merc Y block. With a three speed. Not sure that it has a 9” as a rear yet.UPDATED INFO PRICESthese prices DO Not include shipping, PAYPAL or CASH only.Pm for specifics- if the parts is not list, I may still have it, just askMainly looking to sell large body chucks like quarter panels and roof350.00 each side qtr panels, 250 for the roof.Windshields are good. This is the hardtop sized windshields. 150.00 or offer each.Some Small parts are taken alreadyI have to confirm the rear is indeed a 9”, already got someone asking about itWilling to chop up sections of chassis as needed.This car has what looks like a Mercury Y Block with a 3 speed.here is list of pricing. PM for specific pictures as I go.350 full qtr panels from the door sill to the trunk panel250 roof will have catwalk and lower front windshield metalRoof trim 200. TakenDome light 20 takenHeadliner rods 40 taken.Front Bumper 100 with guards takenValance 40Windshields 150Windshield trim 100 front 100 rear/ 50 with glassTrunk 100trunk V emblem 30.00Front Seat 150 takenRear seat 100Rear center seat trim 30 takenArm rest 40 takenDoors 200 setPanels set 50window regs. 25.00 eachRear arm rests 50- look like the fronts but with ash trayFenders 100 may takeHood 100 may takeHeadlight buckets 50Engine core 175.00Trans 3 speed 150driveshaft 40.00rearend 400 pending.Clutch pedal/brake pedal setup 150Dash indicator guages 100Dashboard sheetmetal 75Dash trim set 100 TAKENinterior Garnish set 75 windshield, doors.Power steering setup frame 200Powersteering setup engine 100Radiator 30.00Horns 40 takenColumn looks like automatic 50.00wheels. 14" Ford orginals- I think only 3- 20.00 eachsteering Box. 75.00
  3. Posted elsewhere. Power steering column and pump 100 for pump 250 for column you pay shipping or pick up in Los Angles 90008. For pics see on the other forum. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1957-1961-mopar-dodge-plymouth-power-steering-parts.1194079/
  4. Guys Scammers seems to be getting a lot of customers in all old style forums. They mine the wanted ads to look for marks. if you see “kindly” in any of the message that is one key works they use. also notice when they registered. DONT USE VENMO OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT OTHER THANK COLD HARD CASH AMD PAYPAL GOODS AMD SERVICES
  5. Looks like something that should be here. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1932-plymouth-pb-3-window-rumble-seat-coupe.1153034/ Just passing the link on, not my car.
  6. Robert. I don’t have one but I think there is one on eBay right now
  7. @JW Mopars, what listed on the parts ad is what is available right now. Sorry the bumpers are not available yet. Just selling most of the doubles I have. The extra parts that make up the car will not be sold off until the car is gone.
  8. Hi Guys, We ended up buying a complete running car so the project car has to go. I have tons of parts that can go with, but Im mostly wanting to sell the whole project as bundle. I'll slowly add parts and bump ad as needed. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1933-plymouth-sedan.1145227/ https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1933-1934-plymouth-parts-hoods-grill-rad-lights-dodge.1148687/ For individual parts I ship to your work address or business addresses relatively cheap. just ask. Price OBO Thanks Abe
  9. so that whole tailgate goes down? awesome! nice Woody wagon.
  10. Here you go. http://rustyhope.com/site/mopar-discbrakes/ Be mindful of the track width, double check with the seller, in most cases your track width is changed to about 1-2" wider. That means the the wheels will be closer to the edge of the fenders. Also double check that your stock wheels fit. I happen to have bought a kit from Rustyhope for the '33 project and the stock wheels did indeed fit. I was talking to someone about this, but it is possible to have disc brakes and a non-power master cylinder. The flip side of this is, if you are not modifying the engine, you should not be driving that fast and the original brakes should suffice for the original engine. That is why those were designed for the car. You should really just go through your brake system and make sure everything is in proper working order and make sure all the lines are good. Spongy brakes are usually a bubble or some air in the system, you really need to take the time and flush out all the old fluid and properly bleed them. Then take the time and properly adjust them if you are pulling to any side.
  11. Maybe it is never really sold, online Classic Car dealers probably take it on as a consignment.
  12. I have some spare suspension parts to make a rolling chassis. I'll have these at the Mopar Spring fling next week at Woodley Park rearend 100.00 front leaf springs 100.00 rear leaf springs 100.00 front crossmember for pedals 50.00 pedal setup 50.00 orignal tierod, draglink, steering arm and cut up steering gear, make offer open to offers I only have what is listed here available. Let me know if you can use any other these In Los Angeles, CA 90008 area. most parts too heavy to ship
  13. Abe Lugo

    Glove Box

    looks great,can you post a pic of the whole dash interesting to see other '33 dashes Did you end up getting the box off of ebay?
  14. Abe Lugo

    Glove Box

    Knobless, those come up frequenly on ebay, you have to settle for Plymouth ones as a standby until you find the right one. Just keep an auto search going for them
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