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  1. Randy, I don't suppose you have any NOS gear for 1935 Hupmobile J Thanks Ken
  2. kenbenn

    Scam Watch

    Hi All, I just had a simular experience. A "max" from Texas ( maxtx2} replied to my wanted post. He said his PayPal was dormant & I had to pay by money gram, and after requesting photos of parts he said that he tried & they came back undeliverable! I replied that I wanted the parts, but would not transfer any funds until I had some verification of identity and photos. Surprise, surprise! no reply Value of transaction would have been approx.$500 Australian.
  3. I have just had the same experience I posted a wanted add for a warner t83 input shaft, and within the hour I received a reply from "MAX" ( maxtx2) claiming he had NOS shaft,$200 delivered. I asked if he could send me a photo, and after a second request for photo and where he lived. he said they came back as undeliverable?? and that he was in Texas, and wanted to be paid by money gram as his PayPal was dormant. I asked if he had needle roller bearings for gearbox and an oil pump for a Hupmobile W. He replied he had, and the total was $400 delivered. Alarm bells started to ringing. I sent him an email stating I would not transfer any funds until I had verified ID and photos of parts Surprise I have not had a reply. I checked the AACA membership and he joined about 40 minutes after my add was posted! I am not sure if I should state his Email address
  4. Wanted 1934 hupmobile W NOS. Warner T83 input shaft.
  5. John s Bit far away ! I am in Australia. thanks anyway. Ken.
  6. Thanks everyone. I will look up aquqmend might be available in Australia. Frank. Well I have already been down that road. I was determined to get the steering wheel of without damaging it copious amount of spraying tapping etc. even made up a puller. ended up taking box, column and wheel of together, to work on the bench. Long story short wheel was not coming of .it defeated me, until I recruited the 5" grinder. I had another wheel which was in better condition, which is the one I will refurbish.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. that's sounds great I shall proceed down those lines thanks Ken.
  8. Hi I am trying to purchase a new input shaft for a Warner T83 gearbox. can anyone help? The shaft is 9 1/4" long shaft dia .1" 10 spline . spigot is 1 1/2" long x 5/8" dia. 16 spiral tooth. The gearbox is out of a 1935 Hupmobile W engine/ gearbox Thanks ken
  9. Hi I plan to refurbish my baketite steering wheel from 1935 Hupmobile. I will fill, sand and paint to match , and coats of clear . Anyone done tis ? and any advise. Thanks Ken.
  10. Hi I plan to refurbish my 1935 Hupmobile bakelite steering wheel. I want to fill sand and paint in matching colour, and clear coat. has anyone done this ,and can advise? Thanks Ken.
  11. Hi I am trying to purchase a new replacement input shaft for a warner t83 gearbox from a Hupmobile W 6 cylinder The shaft is 9 1/4" long. 1 " shaft dia. 10 spline. pilot is 1 1/2" long x 5/8" dia. 16 tooth spiral gear. can anyone put me on to some one that can help! Thanks Ken.