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  1. How much for hardtop shipped to 70087?
  2. I am interested in the window wipes and turbo charger. How much for each?
  3. Hemi, would this be the same procedure to do a 89 TC with automatic trans? Would the brake pedal lever need to be changed?
  4. I have taken my 89 TC to six shops in my area (New Orleans) and these are the prices I was quoted. High-end show quality match the original leather- $1300.00 per seat. High-end show quality Rave vinyl (easy care) $900.00 per seat. Good quality matching leather at $900.00 per seat, Rave vinyl $700.00 per seat. All other quotes were inferior quality for about $500.00 per seat. Hope this helps, Rick
  5. I may be interested in some parts. Does he have the beltline ends caps, elec. antenna, rubber weather stripping for top of driver and passenger windows (some call them window wipes?) and the rubber bumpers/trim for the driver side rear quarter panel? Thanks, Rick
  6. Thank you again, Mr. Hemi Dude! TC does not warm up very fast, but when it did that fan came right on. Spent a ton of money under the hood, car goes to paint Friday. Interior to be redone in a few months. I really need the help and info I get from this site and the newsletter. No one around here will work on this car because they don't know how. Luckily, I found an antique and classic mobile car mechanic that is very dependable and reasonable prices. We both are learning about this car as we go along and the help here is invaluable. Sorry about some of the dumb questions I have to ask. BTW, me and my TC will be participating in the 2014 "Cruisin The Coast" in Biloxi Ms. from October 6 to October 12. I have not seen anyone mention this event on this site. This is the 18th annual Cruise, and last year around 8,000 cars registered for the event and about 13,000 cars showed up to cruise. My 1989 TC 8 valve, Red and Ginger will be in the big parade on Monday, October 6.
  7. One more for the tech guys. Just did a ton of work under hood of 1989 TC 8 valve. Radiator fan motor runs fine with AC on, but only now and then on some days if not on, most days it won't run unless AC is on. Mechanic checked one relay and said it is working, but I read on this forum that there are two relays for Rad fan? Mechanic thinks engine control module needs to be checked? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  8. With Hemi's recommendation we went with the Victor Reinz head gasket. Perfect fit and everything is working fine. Thank you Hemi.
  9. Gentleman, you have asked for an update on my rough idle or engine miss problem. Replaced map sensor and throttle position sensor, no change. Installed new fuel injectors, plugs, plug wires, coil, distributor rotor and cap, no change. Used block tester, fluid turned yellow indicating blown head gasket. Installed new head gasket and remanufactured cylinder head. While doing this also replaced oxygen sensor. Car idles and runs very smooth now, I can even hear the turbo kick in now as before all this work I could not hear it kick in. I hope this helps some of the readers of this forum. Thanks to Hemi, Digger, Bill and Butch for all the help. Without the information I get from them this car would be gone!
  10. Can someone tell me a stock number or something for a valve cover gasket for the 89' 8 valve early build TC? We have tried the one listed for the TC Maserati, the 1988 Dodge Daytona 2.2 turbo, and the 1988 Chrysler LeBaron 2.2 turbo, but none of them fit properly. Where can I get the proper gasket? Thanks, Rick
  11. Bill, I don't understand what you mean when you said to seal the studs when replacing the head gasket. Could you explain that procedure and what would we seal them with? Will give full report when engine is back together. Thanks, Rick
  12. Ok guys, my head gasket was blown at the #l cylinder just like y'all said. I can' t find a head gasket set for the 1989 tc 8 valve. Will the head gasket set for the '88 LeBaron work with this car? If not, what will? Thanks, Rick
  13. Thanks again for all the help. We did the block test again this morning, and the blue fluid turned yellow. My mechanic thinks clogged radiator caused head gasket failure. We will be replacing the radiator and installing a new head and gasket. Someone mentioned the Mopar head gasket set would be best. Where can I get these or what is a suitable replacement?
  14. Is there a clear sign that a radiator is backed up or not flowing properly? Also Digger mentioned the inter cooler could be leaking. Where is that located on the engine? We are still trying to solve the mystery of the missing coolant. I also noticed that when the motor is running, there are bubbles in the coolant overflow tank and I can smell gas or exhaust or something in there. My mechanic still thinks the radiator is not flowing properly, but I don't want to spend the extra money to replace a radiator or water pump and find out the head gasket is blown or head is cracked. All the signs are there, the slight miss or rough idle that smooths out when driving. Car runs fine, drives fine, in the morning the coolant is gone with no signs of a leak. I don't mind putting a new head and gasket on, just trying to avoid all the extra costs with the trial and error things. Also, it has a new thermostat, new radiator cap and the fan cycles on and off properly. Thank you for any help, we seem to be dumbfounded by this automobile.
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