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  1. Ed, I don't want to sell it now.... I really want to drive it. My experience here has been nothing but positive. It will certainly be a long road to getting this car back on the road but with good people helping it will be possible. I have joined the ROA and am looking forward driving this car.
  2. Well guys, It seems to me that I only have two options. I am not willing to pull the motor and trans and sell the body. I think it needs to stay as a complete car. So I can either sell it as is, or start to slowly work on it. I am more interested in making it drivable. But I still would like to know what it is worth as is? I have no idea what a fair price would be. Also where is a good source for parts? Motor parts seem easy enough but what about interior items? Is there anyone that makes a complete wiring harness for these cars? Most of this one is just junk. If not, I will have to find som
  3. Ed, I appreciate the information. I have checked the block and the stamp is LT so I have the 401. The block # matches the VIN so it is the original engine. I just need to figure out what I am going to do with it.
  4. Jason, I was able to take a few pictures. Manifold casting #13070316B - M4 The carb numbers are the same both are 3921S - B5
  5. Mike and Ed, I honestly doubt that the clam shells work. I first saw this car 20 years ago while I was working in MT. My boss collected Wildcats and bought everything he could find with a nailhead in it. The car ran when he got it. However, he told me that the previous owner thought he heard it knocking. I thought it was cool but I could not afford to make him an offer on it. It sat outside for the next 10 years until another employee made arrangements to buy it. I helped him to get the car running. The engine smoked but I would expect that after we had soaked the cylinders with oil. He drov
  6. It still surprises me how easy things are when you have the right help. The numbers don't lie. While I am still very happy with the car, it is not what I had hoped. The block # matches the VIN # so it is the original motor. However the stamp on the left side is LT so the motor is a 401 not the 425 as I was told. Someone must have added the 2x4 set up at some point in time. Now, I am not quite sure what to do with the motor. It needs to be rebuilt anyway, so do I find the right distributer and build the motor as close to a 425 as I can get or go back to a single carb. What would you guys sug
  7. Thank you very much. I am going to look for the numbers after work tomorrow. I will post my findings tomorrow evening. Dirk
  8. Hello all, This is my first time posting here. I have learned a lot from reading the forums but I could use some help. I recently became the proud owner of a 1965 Riviera. The car is in very rough shape, I do not have the P-O-P or a build sheet. So far just the VIN and the body plate. I was told that the car is all original but I am questioning this. The car has a 425 with duel fours in it. However there are no GS badges on the car. From the VIN (494475H928210) I know it is a 1965 Riv, 2door coupe, Flint Mi, and was the 28,210th car built in 1965. I have read that there were 454 cars built
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