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  1. Sir, I realize this post is 7 years old but i was wondering if you still have the shocks? If so I would be interested in purchasing them providing they are the ones I am looking for. Thank you Dirk
  2. Yes, I have made some but not a lot of progress. Mike is in the final stages of finishing my heads. I have the roller cam blank in my possession as well as roller rockers and roller lifters. I have a lot of concerns with the stock crank and rods. The rods are a fairly simple issue to solve. Aluminum and steel rods are readily available IF I have the rod journals ground to the 2.2 big block Chevy dia. A blower crank drive is also next to impossible to find for a Buick. The stock riveted balancer can be machined and modified but I think I'm going a different direction. I'm also not sure just how much the crank itself can take. I would hate to build this motor and lose the bottom end.. So I have contacted a few companies about making a billet crankshaft. This solves a lot of issues. I will have the journals made to the BB Chevy dia and change the crank nose to Chevy. The crank will also be made to be internal balanced instead of external. I'm looking at a 4-5 month lead time for the crank to be made. I realize this is no longer a "true" nailhead motor but this was never my goal. Finding out how much power/torque can be made with a 401 is my goal. I also found a wrecked Cadillac CTS-V super cheap and will be putting the interior into the ole 65 Riviera. Dirk
  3. Thought it might be time for an update. I have changed the build a little bit but nothing too major. My heads are currently with Mike Lewis of Pro Tech. I bit the bullet and am having him do his stage 3 package. New Manley 11/32 stem valves to increase the flow and he is focusing on maximizing the exhaust flow. He is also port matching the supercharger manifold as well. I have decided to go with a full roller cam. I have purchased the cam blank and am talking to the grinders about the specs. We can't finalize the grind until I have the flow numbers from the heads. I am going to use hyd roller lifters and roller rockers. I have talked to the guys at alkydigger about the supercharger snout, pulleys, etc and possibly putting a EFI system on the motor. Just not sure I can afford that!!! But I am not in a rush to finish this so I may just take the time and save more money for it. We will see..
  4. Well it has been a while since I have started this thread and am just now getting this off the ground so to speak. The motor is out of the car and stripped. The block is clean and deburred, the heads stripped and blasted. Everything is in decent shape so I have a good block/heads to start with. I have spoken to Russ Martin and I am talking to Mike Lewis about porting. Because I am using forced induction I am going to port the exhaust side and not spend a lot of money on the intake side. My compression ratio will be right around 8:1 and I will be using forged Ross pistons. I am going to convert a 6-71 from its original diesel blower configuration over to be able to create boost on a gas engine. I am planning on 5-7lbs of boost. On a seperate note I will be selling the parts I will not be using. What is a fair price for 1965-1966 factory 425 2x4 intake manifold worth? It has carbs but I believe they are not correct for 425 2x4 set up. They are two 1965 single four barrel carbs. I can't find a 2x4 manifold for sale so have no idea what it's worth. Thanks Dirk
  5. Dan, Thank you. I guess there is not very much info available and fewer people that build nailheads. I will give him a try. Dirk
  6. Hello all, I am looking for information on supercharging a 401 nailhead. I cannot find much beyond pictures of engines. I would like to use a 4-71 or a 6-71. Where can I find engine components? What kind of HP can be achieved? Is there anyone that you would recommendto build a motor like this? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Dirk
  7. Ed, I don't want to sell it now.... I really want to drive it. My experience here has been nothing but positive. It will certainly be a long road to getting this car back on the road but with good people helping it will be possible. I have joined the ROA and am looking forward driving this car.
  8. Well guys, It seems to me that I only have two options. I am not willing to pull the motor and trans and sell the body. I think it needs to stay as a complete car. So I can either sell it as is, or start to slowly work on it. I am more interested in making it drivable. But I still would like to know what it is worth as is? I have no idea what a fair price would be. Also where is a good source for parts? Motor parts seem easy enough but what about interior items? Is there anyone that makes a complete wiring harness for these cars? Most of this one is just junk. If not, I will have to find someone that can rewire it. Mechanical things are easy enough but I have a hard time just fixing trailer lights! Thanks Dirk
  9. Ed, I appreciate the information. I have checked the block and the stamp is LT so I have the 401. The block # matches the VIN so it is the original engine. I just need to figure out what I am going to do with it.
  10. Jason, I was able to take a few pictures. Manifold casting #13070316B - M4 The carb numbers are the same both are 3921S - B5
  11. Mike and Ed, I honestly doubt that the clam shells work. I first saw this car 20 years ago while I was working in MT. My boss collected Wildcats and bought everything he could find with a nailhead in it. The car ran when he got it. However, he told me that the previous owner thought he heard it knocking. I thought it was cool but I could not afford to make him an offer on it. It sat outside for the next 10 years until another employee made arrangements to buy it. I helped him to get the car running. The engine smoked but I would expect that after we had soaked the cylinders with oil. He drove it around the block and promptly figured out it had no brakes. The motor sounded good and there was no knocking. He parked the car and in a strange turn of events left the company about a week later without paying for the car. I also left the company shortly thereafter. About 5 years ago I called and asked if the car was still there and if it were for sale. Unfortunately I was told it was sold. I forgot all about it. Then about two weeks ago I was talking to my former boss and I mentioned I wanted to build a rat rod and was wondering if he had a nailhead he would part with. He told me he actually still had this car and that the last guy never showed up to buy the car. I made him an offer thinking the car was too far gone to salvage and I was just buying the motor and trans. Well after some haggling he accepted my $750.00 offer and I was there that weekend with cash in hand. To my surprise the car is in better shape than I thought. The burgundy paint is completely shot but there are no dents or noticeable rust. The interior would need to be replaced. I am not sure what to do with it at this point. I can't pull the motor and trans, that just seems wrong. However, I cannot afford to restore it at this time. Now to make matters worse.... He offered me a second car. It is also a 65 Riviera. The car is in great shape. It is dark green with a green interior. Everything works. It is stored inside a heated building on jack stands with a car cover. The engine and transmission are out of it. They both have been professionally rebuilt. The engine does have the dual fours as well and I was told it is a 425. He offered it to me for 5K. Now my issue is that I do not have the cash. In order to buy it I would have to sell the one I have now. But I do not think mine is worth 5k in the condition it's in. So I am in between a rock and a hard place. Besides I am not liking the idea of selling it. Sorry for the essay here but I just thought you may find it interesting. I would post pics but I cannot seem to do it with my phone. Dirk
  12. It still surprises me how easy things are when you have the right help. The numbers don't lie. While I am still very happy with the car, it is not what I had hoped. The block # matches the VIN # so it is the original motor. However the stamp on the left side is LT so the motor is a 401 not the 425 as I was told. Someone must have added the 2x4 set up at some point in time. Now, I am not quite sure what to do with the motor. It needs to be rebuilt anyway, so do I find the right distributer and build the motor as close to a 425 as I can get or go back to a single carb. What would you guys suggest? Are there any issues I should be aware of? Thank you Dirk
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