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  1. I will take a look t their website and see if i can find one that will work. Thanks, John
  2. I am looking to buy a gas gauge for a 1924 special six if anybody has an extra. Here are a few pictures of what the fuel tank looks like at the moment. Any condition would be fine as long as the gauge is serviceable and able to be restored. Thanks, John
  3. This gas tankis more of an oval, the ends of the tank are rounded as well. I will see if Ican find a picture after a bit. The top and bottom of the 1924 special six gastank is made from what looks like the same press. The bottom piece has a flangethat if folded over the top which has slightly smaller lip, this joint is sodderedall the way around. The two halfs are currently seperated. The top of the gastank is in good condition. The botton has quiete a few rusted out spots andother spots that are very thin. Straight sheetmetal would work for a portion onthe very bottom but the rounded ends would be quite a bit of work. I would liketo find a whole tank to keep it looking original or a good upper half of thetank could be eaisily modified byremoving the fill tube and guage hole.
  4. I am looking for a 1924 special six gas tank. The bottom of mine is all rusted out. Looking for a whole gas tank or pieces to repair the one that I have. I should be able to make repairs (from the top half) from another gas tank that is rusted out on the bottom. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi Scott, The hole is 2" diameter and the space detween the 2 peices is 5/8 of an inch out side to outside. Oh, one other thing, I am looking for a Wagner 6v three brush generator as well. Thanks, John
  6. I am still in the market for the following items that fit a 1924 Studebaker special six: 1. A wood steering wheel for a Studebaker special six, I have attached a picture of what my steering wheel curently looks like. It is 18" in diameter. 2. A rear double flanged hub (pictured)- either side is fine, only need one but would be willing to buy two if you have them available. 3. Gas tank for a 1924 special six. 4. Cowl lights, I have some parts to the right side but am missing the entire drivers side cowling light assembley. If you happen to have any of these items, have seen one at a swap meet, or could point me in the direction I might be able to find one, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again, John (530)781-3340
  7. I have four Kelsey Hayes 23" wood spoke rims, but just one split rim. Sorry I don't have the 20" you are looking for. I am interested in selling the four 23" I do have.
  8. Yes, we are switching over to disc wheels. Just got a set a few weeks ago, in good shape. We have both front hubs, and one hub for the rear. I will keep you in mind Scott if we need to change the studs out.
  9. Looking to buy/ trade parts for a rear double flanged hub and drum for the '24 special six. I have one, but am looking for one more so I don't have to go to town on three wheels. I will attach a photo of what it looks like. Pictured is the left side double flanged hub. Studebaker & other models of the era apparently put left hand thread on the left side hub and right hand threaded nuts on the right side so the lug nuts did not loosen up.
  10. Hi Scott thanks for the reply, The wheel diameter (less the dowel length) on my old wheel is 21 1/4"
  11. Looking to change the old rotted wood spoked wheels to a set of disc wheels. The wood spoke wheels belong to a 1924 special six. Does anyone have a set of disc wheels they are interested in selling/ trading for other studebaker parts? Also interested in finding a set of rear hubs with brake drums, looking for a brake drum diameter of 15"
  12. I might just have to give the kit a try as well. They were asking $1100 for the radiator cover by itself.
  13. Does anybody know of a good, affordable nickel plating shop they could recommend. I am looking to have my radiator cover, and a few other small parts re-plated. A local outfit in N. California is asking an arm and a leg.....
  14. I am looking for a radiator badge that goes to a 1924 special six. I have been told it would have a blue colored background behind the wheel. My radiator cover only came with the cup piece that the emblem had been attached to. I am having the radiator cover re-plated and am looking for the emblem to finish it off. Thanks, John
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