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  1. That’s exactly how mine were. Parts book was off 1 number from the casting number.
  2. Does anybody know if radiators that will interchange into a 1935 Pontiac 8 coupe? I see multiple gm and Buick ones for sale, but I can’t cross any part numbers because my parts book only goes back to 1937 for the radiator.
  3. The engine and all accessories for the '52 engine was rebuilt and came as an extra with the car. I'm hoping to start it next week, and if I have fuel problems I will certainly buy it.
  4. I will let you know once I find out. Thanks again for your time and knowledge.
  5. That makes sense. The ‘48 was in the car, but there is no radiator yet. Here is the water pump from the ‘48
  6. Sorry for my ignorance, but why would I need '37-'48 water pump for that install?
  7. Thanks Kurt, that was just the info I needed. I will try and find a water pump for the '52, I just wanted to make sure I was ordering for the correct year (or correct make for that matter) before I start looking since all the part and casting numbers were throwing me off. Caleb
  8. I have two L8 engines that I am trying to identify and any help would be appreciated. I am trying to find a water pump for engine 1, and the water pump from Engine 2 will not fit on engine 1. Engine 2 was in my 1935 coupe, and I am trying to put engine 1 in it. Engine 1 has P8WH-86643 stamped on the driver front pad and 8H216691X on the driver rear pad. It also has 514246 and 6191 (or 1619 if read upside down) are cast into the block. I thought this was a 1953 engine based on previous research, but I have a high compression head (514370) on it and my parts book does not list that
  9. I wish I could say almost done, but life happens. It is currently a painted frame on jack stands. The two things I really wanted to keep are the Dubonnet shocks and the straight 8, but the needle bearings on my shocks were destroyed and the front cross-member for my engine was rusted in half. I finally found some shocks and new motor mounts so progress has resumed. I am hoping to fire up the engine next week. After that I am gonna assemble the suspension and drop the engine and transmission in. I don't have any recent pics, but I'll snap some once I get her rolling.
  10. Thanks for all the info. I did end up getting the ring and pinion that pont35cpe mentioned and I will checkout POCI. I found the car at a private residence in central Arkansas. This is the only picture of the whole car as the fenders, hood, and grill weren't attached so I removed everything for the transport and it has been in progress since. Caleb
  11. I am looking for any information on a 9.5" ring and pinion or possibly replacing with another size ring gear if possible. I have recently started rebuilding a 1935 Pontiac business coupe that was sitting for at least 25 years. I tore into the rear-end to check out all the gears and bearings, and all the gears are far to pitted. The ring gear is 9.5" and a 4.56 (41-9) ratio, but I can't find any information on a 9.5" ring gear anywhere and my parts manual doesn't have a part number. I would prefer to go back with the 9.5" if possible, but was also wondering if it is possible to put a differ
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