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  1. I have all the gears and rods you are likely looking for as well, as I just removed all from my '24. Let me know exactly what you need and I can send pics.
  2. Hi Hentzee, I have an AC speedo that is for sale. Pulled it from my '24 Buick. I think it is in excellent condition given the age. I can send you pics if you are interested?
  3. Fr. Buick, 4 cylinder car. Located in Las Vegas. Not sure exactly what the original body style was, as the farmer that previously owned it cut the rear off and fabricated a truck bed. But, I believe, all other components remained original with the exception of the wheels. I can send you photos of anything you are interested in. I'm keeping the body, frame and front i beam. All the rest is for sale.
  4. Hi, I have several parts from my 1924 Buick for sale. Too many to list them all. Highlights include: complete rear end with drive shaft gauges complete engine that cranked before I removed it. All push rods Clutch pedal and much more. Contact me with what you need and I'm sure I have it. Thanks!
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