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  1. N yes a Speedster is what I would call them too, but was going by the name given on the page. Also aware of the shear number of Custom Coach Builders then and now. But would love additional pix or info on that particular car.
  2. Just happen to have a picture of that. Have been working on freeing up everything, n now have the clutch and trans working.
  3. Was originally referring to this Raceabout http://www.prewarbuick.com/cars/56/1917-Buick-D44-Raceabout If I going to scratch build a car around these remains this would be it.
  4. So the Raceabouts are all basically custom coach built?
  5. Thank You 1912 Staver, and everyone. Started loosening her up, n if I can get her running might just mock up the metal to the Raceabout, would be a fun build anyhow.
  6. Engine No. 265454, Frame No. 267864.
  7. Jib Crane broke its welds while unloading the engine. Fortunately I nor the engine were hurt, but spent my morning cleaning up the mess instead of getting pictures. Thanks though for all the info.
  8. Thanks, I'll try to get them in the morning, took a pick but didn't see that tag before looking at the photo.
  9. Just purchased this engine, n wondering if anyone knows what she is?
  10. Enough difference that I originally eliminated Dodge because of that pick, but for some reason f1 n such have the Dodge Brothers badge on the hood, where the G31 n such do not.
  11. ran the numbers on that firewall tag as the locations of the stampings looked similar to an old Gram painted toe tag. The numbers work 32 Dodge G-31 Series Chassis w 157" wheelbase.
  12. My bolts all have a raised round circle there but no stamping. Will check the direction of the thread in the morning. Cowl does look correct. Is the back of the hood strait up n down, sloped forward towards the bottom? Looks like you are correct though, thanks for your persistence. Would Gram lack the DB stamping? Regardless, certainly not the REO I was sold, n fell for. But still a cool Cheese Truck.
  13. That sure would seem to be the dash, do you have other pictures of that truck? Will look at the bolts when I'm over at the work site today.
  14. Also on Dodge thought, remember Henry Ford and the Dodge Brothers fighting over steel vs wood, this is put together with wood like a Fisher Body, indeed much of the wood closely resembles my 28 Buick. I don't think it is Fisher but close. Likewise my 21 Dodge has a steel sub structure, wood only to nail upholstery to.
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