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  1. I'm assuming you went with the throttle body style injection? Curious how this works out for you. Was considering fabbing up a port injection set-up and intake. The siamesed ports have me concerned with how to control it so as not to spray the back of a closed intake valve. Still would be better distribution than the stock intake.
  2. As stated, it's YOUR car. Do what makes YOU happy. Us car guys are lucky to have people like you take interest in anything automotive. Personally I see fewer and fewer and it's disheartening. Enjoy your Pop's '57! I mean... YOUR '57!
  3. Appreciate the welcome guys! Larry, I don't think so. I was on the dealership level from '87-'99, Buick then Buick GMC. Been an independent ever since. Larry, I'll look into the museum schedule and try to make it over. Maybe the boy's baseball will be winding down some by then, lol.
  4. Just wanted to introduce myself properly. My name is Lon and I'm from the Harrisburg, PA area. I worked for Buick in the 80's and 90's. Always had a sweet spot for the '50 models. I recently purchased a 46S restoration project. Looking forward to picking your brains as I rebuild her.
  5. Wow! Thanks for all the input. I just picked up the car 2 weeks ago and am still "investigating" what I have. And have not, lol. I am unsure what bearings it has in it, but it came with some bearings new in the boxes. i'll chedk them out and see what is there. I'll mic them when i get that far as well. Hoping they are within spec's. Are they supposed to have bolts holding the wheels on or studs and nuts? Mine have studs and nuts. Left hand thread on the left and right on right. As a side note. The previous owner said the drums were original equipment. He said the last 3 1950's he had owned had them on. I told him that I thought that Buick didn't offer aluminum drums till 1958. So apparently it is/was a popular upgrade to the earlier cars. Again guys, thanks! I am a little too young to have good knowledge of the 50's cars and appreciate you sharing what you know.
  6. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it!
  7. My 46S has aluminum front brake drums/hub assemblies on it. I'm assuming from a 1958 model. They are the 45 fin drums. Questions is are they a viable swap or something somebody slapped on to make it roll? Also the drums/hubs appear to widen the hub to hub width. Does anybody know what the stock front end measures WMS to WMS? They are huge by large, that's for sure. Thanks for your help all!
  8. Do you guys know for sure what parts are interchangable within the model line-ups. Let's make it simple and say 2 door models. So Special, Super and Roadmaster. Are the front fenders the same (except the Roadmasters length)? Rear fenders/quarters all the same including the sedanettes? Hoods the same (again the Roadmaster's length being different)? Doors would obviously vary between R and S models. Basically are the cars the same short of the Roadmasters length? Like a Roadmaster Riviera and a Super Riviera would be identical less the front clip.
  9. Made me smile just reading through your thread! Can't wait to see the woodie get back together. I'll be watching and cheering you all on!
  10. Drop it at my house! I know what to do with it! That car is beautiful! Seriously though, get it running as is and enjoy it. Then gradually find your hearts desire of what to do with it. Personally I'd restore it with a few modern touches for better drivability. Then drive the wheels off it.
  11. I hate to put craigslist links on threads since they expire. But here you go. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/4398852123.html And for those reading this later. He's asking 87K. One of 18 left per the seller.
  12. Don't know how deep your pockets are or your location, but there's a 1949 Roadmaster Estate wagon for sale on craigslist in the Miami area. You may want to sit down before viewing the price.
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